Peer to Peer

Updated: 2023-09-26 10:20:01

Raysync client supports direct transfer between user and client, data does not upload on the server, the server only carries out data traffic transit. User A is online, user A provides his own transfer ID and key, other users can connect to user A through the transfer ID and key, and the data is transferred directly to user A's computer without uploading on the server's disk.

1.1 Send point to point transfer file


  • Click Point to Point on the web page to enter the point-to-point transfer interface

  • Enter the recipient's device ID or Email(The device must be online), select the file name to be sent, click start to transfer, that is, the point-to-point transfer task is created successfully

Note: The recipient needs to turn on the Allow to receive files button on the web page

1.2 Receive point to point files

  • Click Point to point Receiveon the web-page to enter the point to point receiving operation interface
  • If the recipient does not want to receive direct transfer files sent by others, click the web page to uncheck Allow to receive point files
    or Turn off the receiving files  on Raysync Client

  • Transfer Status Description


1.3 View  point to point transfer task

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