Server Deployment

Updated: 2022-05-19 08:22:46

You can get the latest version package of Raysync on the website, or you can get it through the sales.

1. Windows Server Deployment

Extract the package to your server installation directory, get into the installation directory, and double click Start.exe to start the Raysync transfer service.

2. Linux Server Deployment

Step1:Unzip the installation package

$ tar -zxvf RaySync-


$ cd RaySync

$ ./

The execution result is successfully installed, which means the installation is successfully initialized and the Raysync service is added to the boot-up.

Step3:Start Server

$ ./

3. Access address

  • Admin portal

If the server IP is, then: the server access address is:

Initial administrator account: admin

Initial administrator password:

On the Windows system, after starting the service, unzip the folder AdminInitPwd in the server and check the password


On Linux systems, cat AdminInitPwd in the server to view the password


  • User portal

For example, if the server IP is, then the client access address is:

If you need to log in, please create a user account in the admin side first.