Transfer Tasks

Updated: 2022-05-09 02:16:40

1. Transfer task

Support to view the real-time status and log of general transfer and point-to-point transfer. In the real-time transfer status, you can view the user account/user source IP/file name/file transfer type/file name of the transfer task/source IP country/region/city/total number of transfers/total transfer speed of the general tasks that the user is transferring.

Click Transfer Tasks to view


Supports viewing the task list and transfer logs that are synchronously transmitted by clients connected to the server.

2. Transfer Device Management

Transfer management displays the client running status and machine status of the connected server, monitor CPU, memory and disk usage in real time. In addition, it cant stop, start and lock the operation of the client side user with one click for all transfer tasks connected to the node. Click Transfer Tasks - Transfer Devices Management