5 Latest Ways to Protect Your Private Data 2024

protect private data

Data is an advanced commodity, which makes it extremely important to manage data. Without proper tools and strategies, your data may not be as secure as you think.

  • Use the firewall to protect the company's network security.

  • Ask your employees to change their passwords every 90 days.

  • Ensure that the security settings of the company equipment are strengthened.

  • Implement an annual safety briefing, covering the importance of strong passwords and the importance of locking the keyboard when leaving the desk.

The reality is that even if the above security measures are strictly followed, it is still far from enough. If we want to better protect data and establish a stronger security state for the organization, we need multi-layer defense, including regular security training for all employees and updating security policies.

Your data may be destroyed by the following practices:

1. Adopt traditional FTP

FTP is a common file transfer method. Because of its ease of use, accessibility, and low cost, it is usually the preferred protocol for enterprises or organizations. However, FTP transfer of files cannot guarantee the security of data. Using FTP, users transmit data in clear text through the network, and the exposure risk of data files is high, so anyone can easily access your data.

2. Outdated system and software

Software and system updates are released because security vulnerabilities have been found in their code, Java or OpenSSL, and software patches are needed. It is necessary to update the system and software in time to keep your certificate up to date.

3. Opaque network information

Monitoring is a key step in controlling the network. If you have multiple systems to manage, it is easier to clearly understand what is happening if you monitor all the data in one place.

4. Unmanaged internet access

The explosive development of the Internet has penetrated through the door of enterprises. Apart from the safe working laptops approved by the company, there are also unsafe personal computers, mobile devices, and many other devices. They are connected to your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This uninterrupted access makes it more important to isolate users' folders and their access to the network. Controlling user access will help you distinguish them from important data so that authorized personnel and devices can access it.

5. Failure to provide employees with easy-to-use and suitable tools

As employees, there is only one ultimate goal, that is, to finish the work smoothly. Besides, they also want to contribute to the success of the enterprise. When they can't get the tools they need to achieve their goals, they will look for solutions. They download free consumer applications and transmit sensitive data to partners, suppliers, and other external parties through insecure paths. In the short term, it is effective for employees and their daily business objectives, but this approach makes enterprises face various data security vulnerabilities.

A reliable MFT solution is a very important defense layer, and MFT platform (such as Raysync) provides a safe and efficient management system for any organization that must move and protects data to meet business and compliance requirements (from simple and safe temporary file transfer to more complex and large-capacity file transfer workflow). Through MFT, you can centrally and globally control the dynamic data of data, and monitor and control all uploading, downloading, and sharing file transfer operations. If you want enterprise data to be transmitted and managed more efficiently and safely, the MFT platform (such as Raysync) is the best solution.

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