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With the development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the digitization process is accelerating, and huge amounts of big data are surging. In modern enterprises, efficient large file transfer has become an important part of daily work, office documents, emails, pictures, research reports, laws and regulations, all kinds of reports, audio/video information, these unstructured data become the main form of enterprise data. However, many enterprises are facing all the limitations and troubles of traditional file transfer methods, such as slow transfer speed, lack of security, data loss during transmission, traditional file transfer methods are easily affected by data size, transmission distance and network conditions, and difficult to control. To meet the urgent needs of enterprises in large file transfer, we launched RAMSON - an efficient, reliable, convenient, and secure one-stop enterprise large file transfer solution. Part 1: Raysync Overview: Who are we? Raysync - a one-stop large file transfer solution for enterprises. Based on the application of cloud computing, Internet and big data architecture, Raysync's self-developed Raysync ultra-high-speed transfer protocol can easily meet the demand for high-speed transmission of petabyte-level large files and massive small files. As a leading brand of enterprise-level large file transfer, Raysync has provided efficient and secure file distribution, file sharing, data sorting and synchronization, and other file transfer services for 2W+ enterprises in many fields, such as IT and Internet, intelligent manufacturing, biogenetics, film and media, and finance, etc. Raysync is dedicated to meeting the needs of large data transfer within the enterprise or with external partners, providing efficient and controllable large file transfer, ultra-long distance, cross-border network data transfer, secure external file asset sharing, file management and organizational permission management, to meet the needs of data transfer, synchronization, and collaboration in a variety of enterprise application scenarios, and support Custom Branding, to help enterprises to better manage and track files transfer. For governmental enterprises and corporate customers, Raysync will be your first choice for file transmission. Part 2: Five major products of Raysync Large file transfer system It meets the functions of efficient and controllable large file transfer, internal and external network data exchange, organization, and organizational permission management, etc., and realizes 100% efficient operation of enterprise data transfer management. SDK integration solution Seamlessly integrates with major application systems, supporting web applications, browser plug-ins, PC clients, mobile terminals, and data transfer docking between local systems and three-party cloud platforms to meet the needs of various integration scenarios. Proxy acceleration Applicable to the enterprise's own system transmission acceleration, the original application system does not need to carry out secondary development, only through the standard Proxy protocol can be integrated with the high-speed transmission capacity of Raysync Transmission, saving development time and labor costs. File transfer protocol FTP acceleration Customized specifically for the enterprise development of a complete alternative to the existing file transfer protocol FTP efficient transfer software, can be based on the existing structure to achieve high-speed file transfer, file transfer radium speed protocol can be increased by 10-100 times. RaySSH Acceleration RaySSH acceleration tool integrates the function of RaySSH transfer protocol, which is a perfect substitute for openSSH ssh/sshd/scp/rsync tools, and it is a special and efficient transfer tool product for Linux/Unix systems. Part 3: Product Features High performance transmission The Raysync protocol transfer speed 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP, support for enterprise large files, massive small files tens of thousands of concurrent, bandwidth utilization rate of up to 96%, and effectively reduce the impact of network delay, packet loss and other impact. Financial level security Raysync adopts AES-256 bank-standard encryption technology and TLS data transmission encryption in the transmission process, supports the standard of National Cryptography, the breakpoint resume, error retransmission, multiple file verification , also supports encrypted storage for the files stored in the server.  Stable and efficient data Support intelligent breakpoint transmission, error retransmission, timely troubleshooting; at the same time - built-in multiple file verification mechanism to protect the normal operation of the whole process of intelligent, stable, and efficient guarantee. Multi-mode transfer The transfer mode not only supports uploading and downloading of local and server storage, but also supports peer-to-peer transfer, unidirectional and bidirectional sync transmission and other functions; it also allows you to view the exclusive user space and specific rights management. Centrally Control Raysync supports centralized control platform control, providing exclusive user space and specific permission management, which enables real-time monitoring of transmission and traceable transmission logs. Convenient Deployment & Excellent Compatibility Raysync supports mainstream operating systems, 1-minute flexible deployment, installation, and use; cross-platform deployment, while supporting virtual machine deployment/high availability deployment/container deployment. Part 4: Eight application scenarios Raysync large file transfer tool provides autonomous, secure, and private data transfer solutions for multiple industries, strengthens enterprise security system, helps customers build information channels and integrate data resources. Part 5: Our customers' industry distribution Intelligent manufacturing, biogenetics, media and entertainment, multinational enterprises, supercomputing centers, medical, R&D and design, new energy, government agencies, automotive, IT, and Internet.  As a leading brand of enterprise-level large file transfer, Raysync has provided high-performance, secure, and stable data transfer services for 2W+ enterprises in IT, finance, film and television, biogenetics, manufacturing, and many other fields.   Part 6: Product Price Program Final words  The era of big data has come, big data architecture must break through the traditional centralized shackles, towards the distributed, scalable, and diversified development, data interaction speed must become a key part of the industry to seize the first opportunity. With the basic credo of "Efficient data flow creates value for enterprises", Raysync provides one-stop big data file transfer solution to meet the demand of big data industry for efficient and safe data transfer, and the big data transfer engine is bound to improve the efficiency of enterprises in mining the value behind big data.  
 Wetransfer business - a professional online file transfer tool
In today's digital age, efficient large files transfer is an essential part of organizations and corporate teams. In this article, we will introduce wetransfer business, a professional online big file transfer tool and analyze its advantages, disadvantages, and application scenarios. Part 1. What’s Wetransfer business? Wetransfer business, the paid version of wetransfer, is specifically designed for medium and large enterprises, offering enhanced features and flexibility. It provides the capability to customize the branding appearance, allowing businesses to align the large file transfer tool with their corporate identity. Additionally, wetransfer business offers greater file transfer capacity and extended file retention periods. wetransfer business also provides collaboration and communication tools to facilitate exchange and collaboration among team members. Wetransfer business is the paid version of wetransfer, specifically tailored for medium and large enterprises, offering enhanced features and flexibility. Part 2: Advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of wetransfer business Advantages: 1. Large file transfers: Compared to the free version of wetransfer, wetransfer business provides greater file transfer capacity, catering to the needs of enterprises requiring the transfer of large files. 2. Extended file retention: wetransfer business allows enterprises to extend the duration for which files are saved, ensuring accessibility within the required timeframe. 3. Security and confidentiality: wetransfer business offers password protection, limiting file access to authorized personnel, thereby enhancing the security and confidentiality of file transfers. 4. Collaboration and communication tools: wetransfer business provides collaboration and communication tools, such as file commenting and collaboration space, allowing team members to communicate and collaborate in real-time, thereby improving efficiency. Application scenarios: 1. Enterprise team collaboration: The collaboration and communication tools of wetransfer business enable team members to provide real-time comments and collaborate while sharing files, facilitating teamwork, and improving work efficiency. 2. Client communication and file sharing: Enterprises can use wetransfer business to send important files, such as reports and presentations, to clients, ensuring file security through password protection and enhancing customer satisfaction. 3. Marketing and branding: By leveraging the branding customization feature, enterprises can incorporate wetransfer business into brand promotion strategies, thereby effectively communicating their corporate image and brand values. Considering the needs and security requirements of enterprises, wetransfer business offers additional functionality and services, enhancing the efficiency and confidentiality of file transfers. However, it may be too complex and costly for individual users and small teams, so an evaluation based on specific needs is recommended before opting for this solution. Part 3: Benefits of WeTransfer Business in Business Collaboration and Communication 1. File commenting and collaboration: WeTransfer Business provides file commenting and collaboration features, allowing team members to provide real-time comments, suggest modifications, or leave feedback on shared files. This collaborative tool facilitates communication and cooperation among team members, enhancing work efficiency. 2. Collaboration workspace: WeTransfer Business offers a collaboration workspace where team members can share files, discuss project progress, and collaborate in real-time. This simplifies file transfer processes, reduces information fragmentation, and ensures consistency among team members. 3. Access control: WeTransfer Business provides more granular access control, allowing restriction of file access to specific individuals or teams. This ensures that files are accessed only within authorized boundaries, enhancing file transfer security. 4. Statistics and Analytics: WeTransfer Business provides statistics and analysis functionalities, allowing tracking of file usage and understanding recipients' feedback on the files. This helps teams to assess the effectiveness of files and make appropriate adjustments and improvements. Through these functionalities, WeTransfer Business provides team members with convenient and efficient collaboration tools, reducing communication costs and improving work efficiency. Whether it is internal team collaboration or communication with clients, WeTransfer Business can help businesses achieve better collaboration and communication experiences. Part 4. Alternative Solution: Raysync Large File Transfer Solution Raysync is a professional large file transfer solution known for its fast, stable and secure features. It supports multiple transfer modes such as point-to-point, multipoint and cluster transfers and provides highly customizable parameter options to meet different needs. Raysync also features file encryption and authorized access to protect the security of important files. Key Features: Lightning-Fast Speeds: A Quantum Leap in Data Transfer ·Raysync doesn't just move fast; it's like a quantum leap in the world of data transfer speed. Picture it as a supercharged engine for your files. Thanks to its high-speed transfer protocol, Raysync turbocharges the movement of your data. It's like giving wings to your files, ensuring that even those hefty ones zoom through the digital highway at speeds you've never seen before. Robust Security Measures: Safeguarding Your Digital Assets · In today's world of online risks, keeping your important data safe is a big deal. That's where Raysync steps in like a digital guardian. It puts a special lock on your data called encryption, making sure it stays private and safe while it travels. Think of it like a secret code only you and Raysync can understand, keeping your files secure and sound. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating Complexity with Simplicity · Even though Raysync is super powerful, it keeps things easy for you. Using it is like a walk in the park because the features are so easy to find and understand. Whether you're a pro or just starting out with fancy data stuff, high-speed file transfer and syncing become a breeze with Raysync. Raysync isn't just a tool; it's a revolution in how we perceive and execute file synchronization. It's a paradigm shift that empowers individuals and organizations alike to break free from the constraints of traditional transfer methods and embrace a future where speed, security, and simplicity coexist harmoniously. As we delve deeper into the functionalities of Raysync, you'll witness firsthand how this high-speed transfer protocol transcends the boundaries of conventional folder sync, setting a new standard for efficiency in the digital age.  Conslusion: Wetransfer business is a professional file transfer tool for small, medium, and large businesses with highly customizable features and collaboration tools. For individual users and small teams, wetransfer business can be too complex and expensive. As an alternative to wetransfer business, Raysync offers a fast, secure, and highly customizable solution for transferring large files. Depending on the needs, users can choose the solution that suits their needs and improves the efficiency and security of file transfer.
Efficient acceleration tools for data transfer in media industry
“The sum of data generated by 2025 is set to accelerate exponentially to 175 zettabytes 175 trillion gigabytes. More data is created per hour now than in an entire year just two decades ago.” —— Dave Mosley, CEO of Seagate Technology   Today, with the rapid growth of the media industry, the speed and efficiency of data transfer has become especially important. With the widespread use of high definition 4K and 8K videos and the growing data capacity of huge footage, traditional data transfer methods often face serious efficiency and security issues. Under such circumstances, Raysync Transfer, as an efficient solution designed specifically for the film and television industry, has become a tool that has attracted a lot of attention.   The movie and television production process involves a large amount of material data transmission, sharing and management. High-quality transmission technology can significantly improve overall collaboration efficiency and ensure data security. However, common transmission methods often fail to meet these needs. For example, traditional TCP transmission leads to delays and data loss, while commonly used protocols such as FTP and HTTP have a series of problems in terms of speed, security, and system control. That's why Raysync has become the preferred solution for the media industry. Relying on the technical advantages of its high-speed transfer engine, it can effectively solve the problems of delay and data loss caused by traditional TCP transmission, thus improving the efficiency and stability of data transmission. At the same time, Raysync can also fully utilize the network bandwidth in remote and weak network environments to accelerate file transmission and distribution, and easily cope with the high-speed flow of big data transmission. More importantly, it can be quickly integrated into the existing system of an organization to reduce development cost, while the powerful data security technology ensures the stability and safety of data transmission. Compared with traditional FTP transfer, Raysync has obvious advantages in cross-border transfer speed. It can provide higher actual transfer rate, which ensures the efficiency and quality of large file transfer in cross-border cooperation of movie and TV projects. How to use Raysync in practical applications? First step: Server Deployment: First, you need to have a machine that will serve as your server. Download the Raysync Transfer package and unpack and start it on your server. Then, open TCP ports 8090, 9090 and UDP port 32001 on your firewall to ensure smooth data transmission. Second step: Client Deployment: Transfer users can visit the webpage of Raysync client at http://ip:8090, download and install Raysync client on their computers to start high-speed data transfer, which realizes the synchronization of data from different nodes with the server and the high-speed transfer between data nodes. Third step: Activate the license: After the deployment is completed, open your backend management webpage http://ip:9090/admin and log in with the default administrator account password. Request an activation authorization code from Raysync technical support team to make sure you activate the server and take full advantage of Raysync's features and benefits. Forth step: Create Transfer User: After successful activation, you can create your transfer user. FAQs about transfer file or video  How can I send large files for free? There are many free online file transfer tools. Those online file-sharing software can provide great services for anyone who has file transfer needs. Please note that some file transfer software is only free when you transfer files, if you need to download files, it will cost a lot.  How can I send 100gb files over the Internet? Raysync provides a high-speed large file transfer solution for anyone who needs to transfer large videos or files. You can start a free 100GB trial on the Raysync website.  How can I send a video that is too large? You can stream videos via Google Drive or Onedrive, or choose a professional video sharing service, of course, email and hard drives are the traditional but effective ways. How can I send a video that is too large for free? Raysync is a high-speed large file sharing and sending service, you can click to have a free trial on their website.  Conclusion Raysync not only provides a one-stop file transfer acceleration solution for the film and television industry, but also aims to provide high-performance, safe, and stable data transfer acceleration service for customers in various industries, such as IT, biogenetics, manufacturing and so on. Compared with traditional file transfer methods, Raysync has solved the problems of transmission speed, transfer security and system control through independent research and development and technological innovation to meet the needs of customers in many aspects, such as file transfer acceleration, transmission security, manageability and control. If you are looking for an efficient and safe data transfer solution, you may consider Radium Transfer. It will provide you with fast, reliable, and stable transmission services and help your film and TV projects achieve greater success.  
Accelerating Video File Transfer: 3 Simple Methods
In the film and television industry, the transfer and sharing of video files are essential tasks, especially during the production and post-production stages. Generally, a typical film workflow includes the following steps: Shooting Stage -> Data Compilation -> Editing Stage -> Color Grading Stage -> Visual Effects Stage -> Compositing Stage -> Distribution Stage 1. Shooting Stage: The production crew captures video footage, which is usually stored in intermediary storage devices like TF cards or hard drives. 2. Data Compilation: Various videos, audio, subtitles, and materials are compiled into a single data package for easier editing and production in later stages. 3. Editing Stage: Editors trim and combine the captured footage to create storylines and scenes. 4. Color Grading Stage: Colorists adjust the color and brightness parameters of the edited videos to achieve the desired visual aesthetics. 5. Visual Effects Stage: After color grading, the visual effects team adds effects to specific scenes to enhance and beautify the film. 6. Compositing Stage: Compositors merge the edited and enhanced scenes together to create the final complete film. 7. Distribution Stage: Once the film production is finished, it needs to be exported into a playable format and distributed for viewing and dissemination. Throughout the entire workflow mentioned above, the transfer and sharing of video files are essential in different stages. For example, during the editing and visual effects stages, it is necessary to share the captured footage and edited videos with the color grading and visual effects teams. In the compositing and distribution stages, the completed tasks from various teams need to be transferred for integration and release. In this process, slow transfer speeds or data leaks can cause delays in film production progress and even result in significant financial losses. Therefore, efficient and secure methods for video file transfer and sharing are crucial in the film and television industry workflow. Raysync Transfer provides a fast, stable, and secure file transfer and sharing solution that meets these requirements, improving the efficiency of film production and ensuring its security. Let's take a closer look together! 1. Online preview of video, image, and other design files By uploading the media files, users can directly preview the files online on the web page without the need to download them. This allows users to preview and select video files directly through Raysync, avoiding unnecessary time-consuming operations and improving efficiency.   2. File sharing File sharing is a method that allows others to access and download shared files through a shared link. In the Raysync system, users can upload video files to Raysync storage and generate a sharing link to share with the recipient. The recipient can simply access the link through a web browser or downloader to obtain the video file without downloading it to their local device. This method makes it easy to transfer video files to others without the need for local downloads. It is especially useful for transferring large video files as it only requires sharing the link. In terms of file sharing, multiple sharing options are supported. Users can choose the appropriate sharing method based on their specific needs, such as sharing public links or encrypted links. Additionally, the Raysync protocols provide the capability to set an expiration period for the file, ensuring greater security and control over the shared files.   3. High-speed transfer using the Raysync client The Raysync client enables high-speed transfer using the self-developed Raysync protocol, which is 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP. It can handle concurrent transfers of thousands of small files, achieving a bandwidth utilization rate of up to 96%. Even for team members located in different regions, it effectively reduces network latency, packet loss, and other performance issues, enabling efficient file collaboration. The client also supports AES-256 encryption for secure data transmission and multiple file verification mechanisms to prevent data leakage and ensure data integrity.   By employing these three methods, users can effortlessly transfer video files to others without wasting significant time and effort on file transfers. Therefore, utilizing Raysync for video file transfer is an incredibly efficient approach that caters to users' daily file transfer needs.
How Large File Transfer  Acceleration Solutions Empower the Development of Cloud XR Applications
With the rapid development of cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies, the application scope of cloud XR applications is becoming increasingly wide. However, during the promotion and popularization of cloud XR applications, the issue of large file transfer has gradually emerged. Due to the large size of high-definition images, models, videos, and other files, the transfer speed is slow, often requiring a long time to complete, which negatively affects the user experience. Solving this bottleneck problem is not only an important issue in the development of cloud XR applications but also a challenging problem that is not easily achievable in traditional scenarios. Therefore, large file transfer acceleration solutions have emerged to achieve low-latency, high-speed transfer, and file sharing. This article will introduce the role and significance of large file transfer acceleration solutions in empowering the development of cloud XR applications. Let us explore together. Challenges of Cloud XR Applications 1. Cloud XR applications require low-latency, high-bandwidth, and efficient large file transfer. 2. Cloud XR applications need to ensure transfer quality and stability in unstable network environments. 3. Cloud XR applications require high-speed file transfer and sharing between different devices and operating systems. Large File Transfer Acceleration Solutions 1. UDP-based optimization for high-speed transfer greatly improves file transfer speed and efficiency. Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solution provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of high-speed large data transfers with high security regardless of file size, distance or network conditions, providing enterprises with fast, safe, stable, cost-efficient, and convenient large file transfer services. 2. Support for functions such as breakpoint resume, instant transfer, and folder transfer, providing a more convenient user experience. 3. Automatic adaptive optimization of the network environment to achieve efficiency and stability while saving bandwidth and costs. 4. Provide data encryption and secure data transfer authentication to ensure data security. Roles of Large File Transfer Acceleration Solutions in Cloud XR Applications 1. Enhancing image and model transfer efficiency In the context of cloud XR applications, efficient file transfer can greatly enhance the user experience, allowing users to better enjoy the immersion brought by 3D scenes. The large file transfer acceleration solutions enable quick transfer of large images, models, and other data files, reducing transfer time and significantly improving the user experience. Especially in business scenarios such as VR exhibition halls, providing customers with a good network quality experience can encourage them to explore and discover their needs more deeply, bringing more effective marketing opportunities for enterprises. 2. Enhancing user interactive experience The interactive experience of cloud XR applications plays a crucial role in user experience. Interactive experiences mainly involve users' gestures, voice, visual perception, and body movements. Users interact with the application through gestures, voice, and other means, and the application responds to the user's actions explicitly or implicitly, providing a more realistic and immersive experience. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on network latency and bandwidth. By using large file transfer acceleration solutions, transfer speed can be improved, latency can be reduced, and a smoother and higher-quality user experience can be achieved. 3. Enabling fast deployment and promotion of cloud XR applications Large file transfer acceleration solutions enable fast and convenient deployment and promotion, providing strong support for business expansion. With this technology solution, the rapid construction and deployment of cloud XR applications such as VR exhibition halls and AR applications allow enterprises to quickly obtain critical information and data. Especially for the transfer of high-quality data with insufficient network bandwidth, large file transfer acceleration solutions can successfully upload data, solving the problem of transferring files on a large scale. 4. Supporting file sharing among multiple devices and systems In the face of the challenges brought by the diversity of devices and systems to cloud XR applications, large file transfer acceleration solutions provide comprehensive support, enabling timely recognition of various compatibility issues and offering multi-platform support. Particularly in collaborative scenarios, only one client software is needed to share files among different devices and systems, greatly facilitating data transfer within the enterprise and across multiple parties. Large file transfer acceleration solutions play an extremely important role in empowering the development of cloud XR applications. By optimizing data transfer, they greatly enhance user experience, improve the efficiency and quality of file transfer, and enable fast construction and deployment, further increasing enterprise productivity and business marketing capabilities, providing strong technical support for the popularization and promotion of cloud XR applications. With the advent of the big data era, the application of large file transfer acceleration solutions will become more extensive and profound, bringing more added value to enterprises and contributing to the further development and growth of the industry.
5 Ways To Protect Your Private Data You Must Know
Data is an advanced commodity, which makes it extremely important to manage data. Without proper tools and strategies, your data may not be as secure as you think. - Use the firewall to protect the company's network security. - Ask your employees to change their passwords every 90 days. - Ensure that the security settings of the company equipment are strengthened. - Implement an annual safety briefing, covering the importance of strong passwords and the importance of locking the keyboard when leaving the desk. The reality is that even if the above security measures are strictly followed, it is still far from enough. If we want to better protect data and establish a stronger security state for the organization, we need multi-layer defense, including regular security training for all employees and updating security policies. Your data may be destroyed by the following practices: 1. Adopt traditional FTP FTP is a common file transfer method. Because of its ease of use, accessibility, and low cost, it is usually the preferred protocol for enterprises or organizations. However, FTP transfer of files cannot guarantee the security of data. Using FTP, users transmit data in clear text through the network, and the exposure risk of data files is high, so anyone can easily access your data. 2. Outdated system and software Software and system updates are released because security vulnerabilities have been found in their code, Java or OpenSSL, and software patches are needed. It is necessary to update the system and software in time to keep your certificate up to date. 3. Opaque network information Monitoring is a key step in controlling the network. If you have multiple systems to manage, it is easier to clearly understand what is happening if you monitor all the data in one place. 4. Unmanaged internet access The explosive development of the Internet has penetrated through the door of enterprises. Apart from the safe working laptops approved by the company, there are also unsafe personal computers, mobile devices, and many other devices. They are connected to your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This uninterrupted access makes it more important to isolate users' folders and their access to the network. Controlling user access will help you distinguish them from important data so that authorized personnel and devices can access it. 5. Failure to provide employees with easy-to-use and suitable tools As employees, there is only one ultimate goal, that is, to finish the work smoothly. Besides, they also want to contribute to the success of the enterprise. When they can't get the tools they need to achieve their goals, they will look for solutions. They download free consumer applications and transmit sensitive data to partners, suppliers, and other external parties through insecure paths. In the short term, it is effective for employees and their daily business objectives, but this approach makes enterprises face various data security vulnerabilities. A reliable MFT solution is a very important defense layer, and MFT platform provides a safe and efficient management system for any organization that must move and protects data to meet business and compliance requirements . Through MFT, you can centrally and globally control the dynamic data of data, and monitor and control all uploading, downloading, and sharing file transfer operations. If you want enterprise data to be transmitted and managed more efficiently and safely, the MFT platform ) is the best solution.
What's New in Raysync V5.0.8.8?
Recently, Raysync released its new version V5.0.8.8. In this article, we'll interpret the eight new functions of V5.0.8.8 in detail, let's have a look! 1. Add "Delete files automatically " option 1) Click "Local storage" in the Storage option, you will find the local storage details and file delete option. The file delete setting only supports non-third-party object storage. 2) Check "Delete files automatically", it supports set automatically delete files which accessed/modified X days ago. For example, you could set automatically delete files that accessed seven days ago. 3) Set the directory to recycle the deleted files. All files automatically cleaned by users will be recycled to this directory, where users can retrieve files or clean files with one click. 2. File transfer in priority When there is more than one task waiting to be transmitted to the client, the task will be transferred in sequence. If you want to transfer one of the tasks in priority, you could click the "Top priority" icon to sort all the transfer tasks. 3. Add Google cloud storage Google cloud storage is added to the third-party cloud storages. 4. Support copy and paste the file path Raysync supports copying and pasting the file paths. For files with a deep directory, you could copy the path and forward it to your partners, and the they can quickly access the designated file/folder by pasting the path, which saving the time of step-by-step clicking. 5. Support query download times and user IP You could query about the download times and IP address of the shared files with this new function. 6. Support set the number of transferred files in parallel In general, the number of transferred files depends on the number of CPU-core. In V5.0.8.8, we add a new function to set the number of transferred files in parallel. Note: if the number you set to transfer in parallel exceeds the quantity of CPU cores, files will still be transmitted according to the number of CPU cores. 7. Support set whether to enable password for file sharing Raysync V5.0.8.8 supports enable or disable the sharing password. Besides, users are supported to custom the passwords . 8. Both files and folders can be selected for uploading Raysync optimizes the file uploading function, the new version supports selecting files and folders to upload at the same time, making it easier for users to operate and use.
Introducing You Raysync High-speed Transfer Protocol
Raysync ultra-high-speed transmission protocol is a self-developed high-speed transmission protocol based on cloud computing, the Internet, and big data architecture. This protocol breaks through the transmission defects of traditional FTP and HTTP. Compared with FTP, the transmission rate is increased by 100 times, and the bandwidth utilization rate is over 96%. It can easily meet the fast transmission requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files. - 10GB large files test Test environment: Beijing Alibaba Cloud-New York Alibaba Cloud Configuration: 4 core 8G memory Bandwidth: 200MB/s Packet loss: 5% Latency: 200ms - 100,000 small files test Test environment: Beijing Alibaba Cloud-New York Alibaba Cloud Configuration: 4 core 8G memory Bandwidth: 200MB/s Packet loss: 5% Latency: 200ms Considering the complex application scenarios of file transmission, based on the Raysync high-speed transmission protocol, Raysync has developed five file transmission products, which show amazing accelerated transmission in all sectors. Large File Transfer System Raysync is an enterprise-level file acceleration transfer management platform, which can realize various transmission requirements such as efficient and controllable high speed large file transfer, long-distance acceleration transmission, transnational transmission and cross-border transmission for enterprises, perfectly replace file transmission protocol FTP, and realize 100% efficient operation of enterprise data transmission management. SDK Application Integration The Raysync software SDK supports seamless integration into major application systems and supports web applications, browser plug-ins, PC clients, mobile terminals, data transmission docking between local systems and tripartite cloud platforms, etc., so as to meet the needs of various integration scenarios. Raysync Proxy Acceleration It is suitable for the transmission acceleration of the enterprise own system. The original application system needs no secondary development and can integrate the high-speed transmission capability of Raysync only through the standard Proxy protocol, saving development time and labor cost. Raysync FTP Acceleration The Raysync file transfer protocol FTP acceleration product is an efficient transmission software developed for enterprises, which completely replaces the existing file transfer protocol FTP. It can realize high-speed file transfer on the basis of the existing structure. After using the Raysync file transfer protocol FTP acceleration, the file transfer protocol FTP transmission speed can be increased by 10-100 times. Raysync RaySSH Acceleration RaySSH acceleration tool with Raysync, which integrates the function of Raysync transmission protocol and perfectly replaces ssh/sshd/scp/rsync tool of openSSH, is a special and efficient transmission tool product of Linux/Unix system.

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Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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