Application of Raysync Point-to-Point Transfer

Peer-to-peer transfer means the file transfer can be realized between client and client rather than transferring to the server. For example, if user A is online, the other users can transfer data directly to user A if they have the ID and key of user A. The complex 3 steps are simplified to 1 step.

This article will make a detailed introduction of the point-to-point transfer and its transfer status.

1. Application of point-to-point transfer-> Sending files via point-to-point transfer

1) Click the Peer-to-peer Transfer in the navigation bar on the left, and then you will enter the point to point transfer list.

peer-to-peer transfer

2) Click Start to transfer, one record in the direct transfer file list is one task number, and if multiple records are displayed, it will be regarded as multiple tasks.

Note: The data receiver needs to enable Allow to receive transfer files from partners on the web page.

point to point transfer

3) Click Add files, select the files or folders to share with your partner, and then enter the ID and key of your partner.


4) Click Start to transfer after selecting.

large file transfer

5) After the task is successfully created, the transfer list will be displayed on both the web page and the client.

big file transfer

*Transfer list

large file transfer

2. Transfer Status

high-speed file transfer

Task stop status instruction

Raysync SMB

file transfer funtion

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