Case Study: Raysync & Studio 51

studio 51

Company: Studio 51

Industry: Motion Pictures & Film

Product: Raysync SMB


As a visual effects production studio founded in 2013, Studio 51 is dedicated to film, entertainment and advertising industries. Collaborating with the local and global network of experienced talented artists, Studio 51 can provide a broad range of creative solutions. They offer professional services including concept design, pre-production, shoot supervision, and post-production.


The challenge Studio 51 faced is to exchange data around the world. Because of the inherent problems associated with transferring large files abroad via traditional methods, such as latency and packet loss, the transfer time was unacceptably slow, resulting in avoidable downtime and overall workflow inefficiency.


To overcome the challenges, Studio 51 deployed Raysync SMB. The Raysync admin console is deployed in Hong Kong, then the fast and secure data exchanging is guaranteed between Studio 51’s other offices in Germany, Sweden, and India through Raysync high-speed transfer protocol. Raysync SMB provides Studio 51 with fast file transfer speeds and maximizes their bandwidth and guarantees that all of the content that distribute or receive arrives on time. Besides, Raysync helps Studio 51 to create multiple user groups and give them different access permission, which simplified the work procedure, made the management easier, and greatly improved the work efficiency.


Raysync high speed transfer solution enabled The Studio 51 team to edit and transfer all of their content from across the globe at blazing speeds. With the enhanced methods from Raysync SMB, the Studio 51 was able to achieve speeds hundreds of times faster than traditional methods, ensuring the delivery of large files from anywhere in the world, while providing security, reliability.

Workflow: Raysync & Studio 51

studio 51


We were fortunate to work with Studio 51, and the cooperation and communication between the two parties was very smooth during the cooperation. Through this cooperation, Raysync has a deeper understanding of file transfer in the film industry and will continue to improve the transfer technology in the future. Once again, we wish studio 51 the best of luck!

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