Does Your Accelerated File Transfer Software Have These Functions?

With the development of transmission technology, the file transmission software on the market has long been not limited to fast transmission of large files. Does the file transmission software in use in your enterprise have these functions?

file transfer software

  1. Support rapid SDK integration with existing business systems such as OA\BPM\ERP\CRM, smooth business flow, and realize efficient flow of enterprise data.

  2. Support account system integration with LDAP/AD domain, follow up the whole process by professional technical team, and support a full set of technical documents to reduce research and development costs.

  3. Breakpoint resume, automatic retransmission and multiple file verification mechanisms ensure the accuracy and completeness of transmission results.

  4. Support multithreading, without geographical and environmental restrictions, and ensure stable and reliable transmission efficiency in ultra-remote and weak network environment.

  5. The team followed up the whole process, provided support services for enterprises, cooperated with business processes such as business system integration implementation and system development of developers, and effectively ensured the smooth launch of the system.

  6. Breaking through the transmission defects of traditional FTP and HTTP, the transmission rate and bandwidth utilization rate are greatly improved.

  7. Support intelligent data compression transmission technology.

  8. Support one-to-many, many-to-many, unilateral transmission, P2P accelerated transmission, intelligent data synchronization, intelligent event automatic reminder, document intelligent management and other functions.

  9. Support multithreading, no geographical and environmental restrictions, and ensure stable and reliable transmission efficiency in an ultra-remote and weak network environment.

  10. Provide professional command line transmission interface, and developers can realize file transmission and other management and maintenance functions through corresponding instructions.

  11. Support to record all file transfer activities. No matter whether your employees share files hundreds or even thousands of times every day, you can record every file transfer event, which is convenient for auditing at any time and has a detailed information processing record.

Does your accelerated file transfer software have these functions? If not, you could try Raysync software which focuses on enterprise-level big data transmission and application, and provides users with professional data transmission and file synchronization services!

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