Hurry Up! Schedule with Raysync on 2020 NAB Show New York

Date: 19 – 29 October

2020 NAB Show

The 2020 NAB Show New York will take place on October 19th. Raysync will e-meet you in this exhibition this time.

Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solutions provider. Since its establishment, it has always been dedicated to providing large file transfer solutions for global enterprises.

Raysync high-speed transfer protocol

Based on the self-developed high-speed transfer protocol, Raysync breaks through the transfer defects of traditional FTP and HTTP, the transfer rate is increased by 100 times compared with FTP, and the bandwidth utilization rate is over 96%, which can easily meet the extremely fast transfer requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files.

Bank-standard security protection

In order to ensure the security of data transmission and prevent data leakage, cracking, monitoring, and other security issues, Raysync strengthens the security control of internal data communication, adopts AES-256 encryption technology of online banking, and uses SSL encryption transmission in the transmission process to effectively ensure data security. At the same time, the Raysync adopts the setting of access rights and OS rights, thus achieving stricter access control.

Come to schedule with Raysync on NAB show with code NY0712, and you could chat with our sales in real-time for any problems with the large file transfer. You will also have the opportunity to get a special offer for the 100-day free trial of Raysync Pro.

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