Raysync - This File Transfer Software Will Initiate File Synchronization Every 10 Seconds

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In order to solve the problem of fast synchronous backup of large files, Raysync is based on Raysync ultra-high-speed transmission protocol, and the synchronous backup function of GB/TB large files is developed, which can increase the speed by more than 30 times.

There are two modes of the file synchronization function of Raysync, as follow:

  1. Select file sync in every second/minute/hour

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Enter the interval time in the input box, and select the time unit in the drop-down box. If 60 seconds is set, the synchronization task will start every 60 seconds. If you select 10 seconds, the synchronization task will be started every 10 seconds.

  1. Select to run the sync mission in XX hours XX minutes every day

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Time can be entered in the input box, for example, 16:10 every day, and the synchronization task will start synchronization at 16:10 every day.

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