Recommend You a File-sharing Tool That Balances Security and Productivity


For decades, there has been no good solution for enterprises to balance security and productivity in file sharing.

Especially in this fast-paced era, people are not satisfied with traditional disk movement, FTP, and email to complete file sharing. People want (and need) to work collaboratively anytime and anywhere, so more and more people are turning to file sharing solutions.

However, it is worrying that according to the research report, 50% of enterprises have no policy on file-sharing tools. Even if there is a policy, 48% said they would not implement it. More importantly, 69% of small and medium-sized enterprises don't even know whether their employees are using unapproved file-sharing tools or dangerous file-sharing tools.

How to strike a balance between employee productivity and protecting critical data?

Many employees of enterprises are already using file-sharing software. As mentioned above, this may expose the data of enterprises to the risk of data leakage because of IT compliance. Perhaps it is not intentional for people to leave the company with sensitive documents when they move (such as leaving their posts or transferring their posts), but the risks always exist. Instead of letting employees look for various file-sharing tools spontaneously, it is better to integrate a compliant and controllable file sharing tool into the existing office software of enterprises to create a safe and comfortable office environment.

This file sharing tool needs to meet the following characteristics:

  • Improves the employee productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Security, data sharing process security and storage security
  • Compliance-meet the strict compliance requirements of the industry
  • Good integration

Raysync - the fastest and most secure file sharing tool

  • Raysync has a self-developed high-speed transfer protocol, and the bandwidth utilization rate is over 96%. It meets the needs of enterprise large file transfer and massive small file-sharing in multiple dimensions, effectively helping to improve productivity;
  • It takes three easy steps (30 seconds) to complete the client deployment and you don't need to take time to configure it.
  • In terms of security, TLS+AES-256 encryption technology and multiple firewalls have reached the international top financial level security.
  • Support mainstream servers and desktop operating systems, support various storage devices and cloud service models and maintain high integration with existing business systems of enterprises.
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