Why Businesses Need MFT?

As the scale of the enterprise increases, more and more data exchanges and file transfers between employees, users, and partners are required, which poses a major challenge to the security of file and key data. To protect digital assets from loss, many enterprises opt for Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions.

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What is MFT?

Initially, the most popular file solution was FTP, but due to the transfer speed and capacity, FTP was not suitable for enterprises with transfer speed requirements and large file transfer requirements. Moreover, FTP will also cause a certain rate of packet loss.

Now, MFT has replaced FTP as the most popular solution for enterprise large file transfer. MFT is a secure data transfer software that supports data transfer from one computer to another. And also a technology platform that enables businesses to securely exchange electronic data between systems and people in a secure manner.

MFT software is usually based on the FTP network protocol, but makes up for the shortcomings of FTP in transfer speed and security. The MFT solution simplifies the process of exchanging digital assets inside and outside the enterprise and reduces the time spent on manual file transfers, review processes, and more.

Why Businesses Need MFT?

MFT can be applied in all industries, including media & TV, VFX, electronics, retail, manufacturing, etc., and can customize a complete set of solutions for different needs of different industries, like customizing the login page according to your company.

business managed file transfer

1. Unlimited transfer file types

Support file formats such as EDI, XML, PDF, Excel, Json, etc.

2. Detailed user activity report

The MFT solution supports generating a complete user activity report, and supports real-time monitoring of the user's file transfer status, such as transfer size, transfer time, total transfer traffic, etc.

Some MFT programs also provide email notifications. These complete log reports will be provided to enterprise managers for real-time monitoring and verification of enterprise file security to protect data in transit or at rest.

3. Higher security performance

MFT solution provides secure file transfers over public or private networks using encrypted transfer protocols, with comprehensive end-to-end encryption, both in transit and at rest.

4. Full administrator control

Centralized management of data transfers, including automation, monitoring and access rights management. Prevent any unauthorized electronic file access through role assignment, access rights and user authentication.

5. Visualization of file transfer

Enterprises can create fully automatic file synchronization tasks according to their own needs, such as one-way synchronization, two-way synchronization, etc. It is also easy to create and manage file transfer tasks between different people and institutions.

Moreover, enterprises can monitor the status and progress of each transfer task in real time through a unified management view. You can also start, pause or terminate file transfer or synchronization tasks with one click. And each file transfer has a detailed list showing other information such as transfer speed.

6. Flexible audit process

For the transfer of confidential documents, MFT solutions also provide a multi-level audit process. Multiple different levels and stakeholders can be added as auditors to conduct level-by-level audits to ensure the confidentiality and security of file transfers.

7. Support a variety of storage methods

Support server local disk, NAS storage, SMB storage, object storage. Unified scheduling of file data in various storage facilities. Implement file exchange between distributed storage nodes.

8. Easy to integrate

There is no need to change the original framework and structure of the enterprise, MFT supports rapid integration with the enterprise's existing application system, maximizes the use of the enterprise's original IT infrastructure, and saves the enterprise expensive hardware and network equipment expenses.

For example, embedded Web application platforms, browser plug-ins, PC clients, third-party application systems, etc.

[Bonus Tip]: An Excellent MFT Software

Raysync, as an MFT solution customized for large file transfer needs of enterprises, provides high-speed file transfer services for enterprises. With the self-developed high-speed transmission protocol, the transmission speed is 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP.

For cross-border file transfer, large file transfer, and massive small file sharing required by enterprises, Raysync achieves low latency and low packet loss rate. In addition, Raysync also supports peer-to-peer transmission, two-way data synchronization, and online preview of web pages. In terms of enterprise confidential data management, Raysync supports the AES256 encryption protocol and supports two-step verification for user login.

To meet the needs of enterprises and employees, Raysync provides desktop applications, mobile APPs, and web management/clients. Enterprises can set up team folders through different job divisions, and set corresponding administrator permissions.

Now Raysync also offers a free trial to experience the full functionality of the SMB and Enterprise versions for free.


With the development of technology, communication and collaboration between enterprises are an integral part of doing business, a reliable MFT solution can bring a lot of business convenience to the enterprise, and greatly improve the transmission and communication efficiency.

In the future, MFT solutions will be more suitable for the needs of different types of enterprises. Enterprises can consider application reliability, security, and transmission speed when choosing a suitable MFT solution. You can try the Raysync MFT solution for free and experience all features including peer-to-peer transfer, afile synchronization.

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