Raysync RaySSH acceleration

Raysync RaySSH acceleration

A perfect alternative to ssh / sshd / scp / rsync tools of OpenSSH, a sharp transmission tool for Linux / Unix systems

User Requirement

Open SSH products include ssh / sshd, scp, rsync tools, which are powerful, secure and easy to use. Open SSH has become a standard transmission tool for Linux/Unix-like systems. According to tests, the transmission speed of OpenSSH on the local area network can basically meet the needs of users, but the transmission speed on the Internet is not ideal.

Therefore, our company has developed the RaySSH product based on Raysync transmission protocol. The RaySSH products are completely compatible with OpenSSH in terms of functions, encryption and command line. It also integrates high-speed transmission capability with the Raysync transmission protocol on the Internet, which makes it a sharp tool for transmission on Linux/Unix systems.

Product Functions



The functions of RaySSH is consistent with the ssh functions under Linux. Therefore, an encrypted connection channel can be built to authorize users’ rights, delegate permission and transmit encrypted file.


RayScp has same functions as scp function under Linux, including file /folder upload and download functions.


RaySync has same functions as rsync under Linux, which can synchronize file/folder file between two hosts and supports the function of differential file transfer of rsync (when a file changes, only the changed part of the file instead of the entire file is transferred.)

Product Features

Functions are fully compatible with OpenSSH

Supports all functions of ssh, scp and rsync; fully compatible with functions of user authentication, permission delegation, file encryption and transmission.

Command line is fully compatible with OpenSSH.

When OpenSSH users migrate to RaySSH, they only need to change the name of command line program given the command line function parameters are fully compatible.

Fast transmission speed

In a network environment of high latency and high packet loss, RaySSH transmission speed is 5 to 50 times faster than OpenSSH.

Technical Principle

Raysync Proxy products include Raysync Proxy client terminal and Raysync Proxy server

ClassificationFunctionsDeployment method
Raysync RaySSH ClientProvides three command line tools: RaySsh, RayScp, RaySyncThe client is deployed on the Linux system and is installed through an installation package.
Raysync RaySSH serverProvides three command line tools: RaySshd, RayScp, RaySyncThe server is deployed on the Linux server system and is installed through an installation package.
Raysync ProtocolRaysync ProtocolRaySSH ServeRaySSH ClientRaysync RaySSH

Application scenario


Seamlessly replace Linux SCP


Seamlessly replace Linux rsync

Successful Cases

Rayvision's file server is in Beijing, China while its Indian clients’ file is in Chennai, India. Both local network operators’ access bandwidth is 100Mbps.

Comparison of actual transmission results before and after RaySSH service (File size: 1GB)

rsyncRaysyncrsyncRaysync9198104776799114980013510300Test scenariosCompletion duration(s)Average speed(KB/s)UploadDawnload

Before acceleration, the transmission of a 1GB file at least took 2.5 hours before acceleration. After acceleration, the transmission of the same file only took 1.5 to 2 minutes. Through rounds of test and comparison, it is proven that the transmission speed was accelerated by 60 to 80 times.

Fox renderfarm Logo

Rayvision uses Raysync RaySSH to help users upload local materials to the file center.

Rayvision focuses on cluster rendering and parallel computing technologies, providing cloud rendering computing services for computer animation and film special effects companies. Its clients are mainly in overseas.

Rayvision Technology’s clients (such as film animation rendering company) need to submit a large number of rendering materials. After rendering, they need to download the finished products of rendered videos/pictures. The amount of file transmission is significantly large (a single file transfer exceeds XTB and a single file size exceeds 200GB). In the past, Rayvision Technology’ used traditional rsync to transfer files. But according to the feedbacks from overseas clients, the rsync was too slow to transfer big file. After applying RaySSH, Rayvision Technology’s overseas clients enjoy a transmission speed 100 times faster than before. With 1TB file can be transmitted within only half a day, Rayvision Technology greatly improves the user experience.


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