File Distribution

File Distribution

Raysync effectively solves the problems of latency and packet loss due to multi-nodes, weak network and server performance by reasonably distributing file to closer nodes and quickly transmitting file. With Raysync, file distribution and access latency are no longer an issue for enterprises.

Challenges of Traditional File Transmission

Along with the globalization, enterprises’ file is increasingly dispersed around the world. One of the urgent needs for enterprises is to improve the efficiency of file transmission management in different locations and solve the problem of long-distance transmission.

1) The traditional network transmission is time-consuming.

2) Sending a number of hard disks by region is costly.

3) Network disk transmission presents risk of file leakage.


Raysync enables enterprises to rapidly distribute file to and exchange file with multiple servers, internal users, customers and partners around the world. Thus, enterprises establish a closed-loop system for storage, transmission and sharing with file centers.

Multi-node Distribution

Raysync transmission adopts a multi-node distribution mechanism to automatically distribute file to closer nodes.

High-speed Transmission

Mass file distribution enables a high-speed transmission of millions of mass files.

Acceleration in Weak Network Environment

Raysync solves the issue of file transmission in weak network environment through patented technology, which greatly improves the stability of file transmission.

Multi-channel Encryption

Multi-channel encryption technology safeguards the file assets of enterprises.


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