Solutions for Government Agency

Solutions for Government Agency

To implement the Internet Power strategy and speed up the construction of “Digital China”, it is imperative for government agencies to grasp the tendency of e-government, promote the development of e-government in an overall manner, push the digital transformation of the government, and guide the high-quality development of economy. To ensure a high-speed, stability and security for file transmission is vital to the realization of digitization.

Challenges Faced by Government Agency

The national defense agency is made up by the military agencies, intelligence agencies, related government agencies and contractors, which need to send secretes to each other and are sensitive to time. However, they will face plenty of challenges in the transfer process, such as a very low speed in the transmission of mass file, and the highest level of security protection required in the process of file transfer. If file is transferred in a transient manner, it becomes almost impossible to trace into the files delivered or accepted.

Military agencies and government agencies at all levels not only need to exchange information with each other in an efficient and secure manner, but also need to exchange information with external agencies. Generally, such information is transferred on network connections spanning multiple regions. As a result, a file transmission structure should be established, in order to have easy and safe access to information, achieve backups for remote disaster recovery, acquire the shared videos about military activity sites, and ensure a fast and simple transfer of files. In this process, no cumbersome IT management procedures are needed.


Raysync, a transmission product independently developed by, helps to simplify the cumbersome IT management procedures for the government, and makes files safe and controllable.

Encrypted File Transmission

The standard AES-256 and SSL encryption algorithm ensure a high security for classified documents, confidential policies and other key information and documents. Hence, it is no longer necessary to worry about packet loss and time delay.

Whole-process Monitor of file Transmission

Raysync provides real-time tracking and monitor of file transmission path, and keeps government’s files completely confidential in the process of transmission.

Interdepartmental Cooperation

Raysync supports cross-regional information transmission, and helps to realize the collaboration between departments and between organizations.


Government agencies have a lot of departments and users. Raysync provides the function of user management for the management, and achieves a hierarchical control of permission and an easy management of other matters.

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