Solutions for Film and TV Production Industry

Solutions for Film and TV Production Industry

As film and TV production technology advances, 2K, 4K and 8K definition have gradually been popularized. For film and TV studios, the huge material file needs to be transferred, shared and effectively managed, in order to enhance the efficiency of overall collaboration.

Industrial Pain-points

High-quality materials serve as the creation foundation for film and TV studios. How to effectively manage and utilize the material assets concerns whether film and TV studios can enhance their business value and customer satisfaction in competitions.

Low Efficiency in Film and TV Materials Transmission

With the popularization of 4K and 8K definition, file capacity has also been expanded rapidly. The size of common film and TV material files is generally dozens of GB or even hundreds of TB. With this comes the technical difficulty in the high-quality transfer of files.

High Frequency in the Flow of Film and TV Materials

The film and TV production involve a great many links including shooting, production, editing, packing, synthesis, special effect, rendering and so on. In this process, several departments should work together to edit the materials. The frequent flow of material files between many links will also lower the work efficiency.

Low Efficiency in the Remote Transfer of Film and TV Materials

Today, it has become a clear trend to collect and transfer film and TV materials between regions or between countries. How to timely transfer shooting materials to the production center has become one of the problems that trouble the film and TV studios.

High Requirements on file Security of Film and TV Projects

It is the core task for every enterprise to ensure the file security. Whether film and TV production materials are kept in absolute confidentiality directly affects the copyright of project and the future market performance.


Based on the high-speed transmission engine, Raysync can effectively solve the problems caused by traditional TCP-based transfer, such as delay and packet loss, and can improve the efficiency of file transmission. For tele-transmission, Raysync can make the best of bandwidth even in weak network, speed up file transfer and distribution, easily cope with the high-speed flow and transmission of big file, rapidly get integrated in the existing systems of enterprise, and reduce development cost. The powerful file security protection technology ensures a high stability in file transmission.

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High-speed Transmission

With the help of Raysync transmission technology, the platform supports the transfer of super large files, and can easily achieve a high-speed transfer of files of TB scale. It also provides support for the efficient transfer of millions of small files. In addition, the breakpoint resume, multiple check and automatic repeat mechanism ensure a high-speed and a high quality of transfer.

Easy to Use

Supporting SDK integration, it can be rapidly deployed in the existing enterprise systems. Adopting the web-end operation mode, the system is easy to use. Complete document management module, together with the functions of permission management and setting, helps to effectively improve the efficiency of multi-department cooperation.

Efficient Tele-transmission

To solve the problems arising from ultra-long-distance file transmission, such as delay and packet loss, Raysync provides effective optimization solutions. With these solutions, ultra-log-distance and cross-border file flow can be made more efficient, and materials can arrive promptly and fully.

File Security

file is encrypted by the financial-grade AES-256, and transmission process is encrypted by SSL, thus the security of production file can be securely protected. It is no longer necessary to worry about that product R&D file and design information are maliciously intercepted or stolen by any third party in the process of transfer.

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