Super-large File Transmission

Super-large File Transmission

Raysync optimizes big file of enterprises and solves challenges of terabytes-sized and petabytes-sized files transmission. Through the process of transmission, its intelligent compression and breakpoint resume transmission technologies ensure efficient, stable output and real-time file exchange, minimizing transmission time and increasing transmission speed by 100 times.

Challenges of Traditional Super-large File Transmission

At present, enterprises internally often use network cloud disk, FTP, QQ, and mailbox to transfer gigabytes-sized files. For larger sizes, they may directly send the hard disk by express delivery. It probably takes a short time for same city delivery, but takes 2 to 3 days for cross-city delivery. The time-consuming delivery seriously affects the work efficiency. Therefore, we need to find out how to transfer super-large files efficiently.


Raysync provides solutions of super-large files transmission that enables global file exchange and rapid file distribution among enterprise internal users, customers and partners.

Safe and Reliable

Raysync has functions of breakpoint resume transmission, error-incurred retransmission, encrypted transmission to ensure the reliability, stability, security and integrity of file transmission.

One-click Deployment

Raysync can be deployed on intranet and extranet quickly and safely. promptly responds to clients’ needs, and is able to develop innovative products and functions in a short time, promoting the digital transformation for enterprises.

Large File Acceleration Service

Raysync adopts a new network transmission protocol, providing large files of terabytes or petabytes transmission acceleration service, making transmission speed 100 times faster than FTP.

Multiple Transmission Modes

Raysync supports transmission modes of one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one. With multiple transmission modes, the problem of super-large file transmission can be flexibly solved.

Application Scenario

Local Large File Transmission

Transnational Large File file Transmission

File Backup from Local to The Third-party Platform

Alternative to The Traditional FTP

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