Windows server deployment manual

The Raysync windows server supports the deployment of windows server 2008/ windows server 2012/ windows server 2016/windows 7 / windows 8/windows 10 platforms.

1. Get installation zip file

Visit and download the latest zip file. If you purchased pro or enterprise version, please contact the salesman to obtain the corresponding installation package.

2. Decompression Deployment

Unzip it to your installation directory, for example, D:\Program Files\Raysync, you will see the following files:

Raysync file list

File list description:

File nameDescription
configRaysync transmission service configuration files
distRaySync web service
httpscertHttps certificate
logRaysync transmission service log files (created after startup)
proxyRaysync transmission acceleration service
toolOffline activation code tool
licenseActivation code
userRaysync user storage
raysync-webmon.exeDaemon process
AdminUnlockTool.exeRaysync background administrator password unlock service
raysync-web.exeFile tranfer service
rayfile-s.exeRayFile transfer service
start.batStart RaySync transmission service
stop.batStop RaySync transmission service
status.batView running status of Raysync service
AdminInitPwdAdministrator default initial password file (generated after starting the server)
serviceStart.exeAuto start service
serviceDel.exeTurn off auto-start service
raysync-update.exeRaysync update service
version.txtCheck version

3. Start Running

Double click start.bat to start the Raysync transmission service. After the startup is successful, press any key to close the window:

start bat English

If you want to stop the service,you can double click stop.bat to stop the Raysync transmission service. After the stop is successful, press any key to close the window:

stop bat

4. View the Running Status of Raysync Service

Double click status.bat to view the running status of Raysync transmission service. After the viewing is finished, press any key to close the window:

status bat English

5. Port Mapping

If on the server, it is deployed in the NAT gateway and there is only intranet IP, you need to map the following five ports on the router NAT: TCP:8090 TCP:2121 TCP:2441 TCP:2442 UDP:32001

6. Login

Admin management

  • After the server runs successfully, open xx.xx.xx.xx:9090/admin in Google Chrome
  • Enter the default server account:admin,The initial password needs to open the file in the installation package directory:AdminInitPwd


  • Enter the correct administrator account and password, click login

后管登录 English

  • The password must be changed for the first login Enter the same new password in the same format twice. The new password does not support spaces. It must include three combinations of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and characters and 8 to 20 characters. The password and account number cannot be the same.

首次登录修改密码 English

Click OK to reset the password successfully. Log in with the modified password to log in successfully.

User login

  • Enter the user login page. The URL of the login page is generally the server IP + port number "8090"(for如example: :

用户前台登录 English

  • Enter the login page, including the user name and password, enter the user name and password, and click the "Login" button, (if the admin management configures the user to log in for the first time, the password needs to be reset) to enter the reset password page, otherwise the user name or wrong password.

7. Activation Server

Users can experience the maximum speed after the license is activated by Raysync server. The default is 5Mbps bandwidth when the license is not activated.

Activation can be performed online or offline. The free version only provides online activation. When the server can access the Internet, it is recommended to use the online activation method.

Click "not activated" and enter the free version activation code: BpwZAbg2Z6apWbMP7aK4(You can also open file named license in the installation package and copy code). If the activation is successful, the service will automatically Restart takes effect. If the activation is not successful, you can contact online customer service.

未激活 English


If you purchased another version, please contact the sales staff to provide the activation code.

8. Next, you can start using efficient transmission!