Raysync Software v5.0.5.8


What's new on Raysync v5.0.5.8

  1. Brand new point to point transfer function, files can be transferred between Raysync clients directly without loading on the server, which is only transit data volume.
  2. Object storage adding support Google Azure blob.
  3. Raysync client UI improvement.
  4. Support administrator setting batch set default permissions on side third party authentication user.
  5. New feature on the administrator of sending a notification to users, including: A. Send notifications from the website. B. Send notifications from email.
  6. Raysync client stays minimize when start-up.
  7. The signature of the mail notification in the admin console can be self-defined according to the company name.
  8. Add the validity and invalidity option to the TLS certificate page in the admin console.
  9. Change password to optional in Raysync client mailbox configuration.
  10. Raysync client supports mailbox login.
  11. The online and offline status of the sub-account is visible now on the user management page of the admin console.
  12. The IP whitelist in the admin console supports continuous segments. For example, IP from to, can be written as

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