Raysync Software v5.0.8.8


What's new on Raysync v5.0.8.8

  1. Add automatic cleaning files
  2. The client supports sorting task priority
  3. Support google cloud storage
  4. Add ctime and atime synchronization to remain file time (only support windows)
  5. Support upload soft and hard link
  6. Support copy the full path of files
  7. Synchronous command line supports http mode to manage tasks
  8. Add disclaimer when client automatically updates
  9. The sharing link needs to record the number of downloads and IP address, the transmission log of the sharing link needs to be bound to the account.
  10. Add a password setting switch when sharing files
  11. The client adds the number of files in parallel when transfer
  12. Support select files and folders at the same time
  13. The machine can be identified without configuring the client default server
  14. Sharing links is not limited by login whitelist
  15. Fix some bugs

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