Raysync Cloud

A Cloud storage service that provides high-speed large file transfer for small teams

Software as a Service(SaaS) - no deployment needed

High-speed transfer between local to cloud and Peer to Peer

All communications between systems are encrypted

Cost-effective solution - Pay as you go


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Comprehensive feature set for small teams

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  • 2TB
  • 1TB
Price US$ 99
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Raysync Cloud Validity 1 Month


Transfer Traffic 2TB

Cloud Storage 1TB

Total Cost
US$ 99

All prices excluding VAT

Raysync Cloud Transfer Services

Raysync provides users with a separate cloud SaaS service for flexible, secure and high-speed transfer of large files.

For only $99/Month, you can enjoy all the functions of Raysync Cloud, which supports upload and download between local and cloud storage , synchronous transfer of directories, Peer-to-Peer transfer without going through the server, file sharing and other functions.

Raysync Cloud provides 2TB of transfer traffic and 1TB storage. If you need to frequently transfer large files or require a large amount of storage, you can enjoy more discounts and save more money by purchasing more traffic or storage space.

Why Choose Raysync Cloud

  • Incredible Speed

    Raysync can send files of any size or format at the fastest speed. The bandwidth utilization is as high as 96%, effectively reducing the impact of network delay and packet loss.

  • Stability & Reliability

    Adopt checkpoint resume, retransfer, and multiple file verification to ensure the reliability and stability of file transfer.

  • Multi-mode Transfer

    Supports upload and download of local and Cloud storage, as well as Peer-to-Peer transfer, one-way and two-way synchronous transfer, etc.

  • Cross Platform

    Run Raysync on any OS. Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, IOS, AIX, and other major OS.

  • Cloud Deployment

    Raysync has customized corresponding images on major mainstream cloud platforms, one click installation can use high-speed transfer technology.

  • FTP Alternative

    Many companies still use FTP, even though it's slow, unreliable, challenging to operate, and can lead to security risks. The transfer speed of Raysync protocol is 100 times higher than that of FTP/HTTP.

Enjoy the fast and secure file transfer experience with Raysync Cloud now!

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