File management

File Management

Raysync ensures efficient and secure file collaboration anywhere and anytime, standardizes the file operation, and promotes intelligent file management.

Challenges encountered by traditional transfer methods

Office documents, codes, logs, and other data constantly enrich the enterprise database, and it is more and more difficult to manage the traditional files by special personnel. Enterprises urgently need a set of professional and systematic file management solutions to break the current chaotic file management situation.

1. File management is disordered so that the file flow is uncontrollable

2. Irregular file operation causes file leakage

3. The efficiency of transnational team collaboration is poor


Raysync provides enterprises with standard, and intelligent file management solutions while ensuring file collaboration securely and efficiently.

User Portal

Support upload/download/copy/sync/delete/share files/folder;

Support share/collect files by a link, and set access password and access link times;

Support reveiw file/picture/demo without download in a fast way;

Support two ways file syncing, ensure the consistency of files between multiple devices;

Support point to point transfer, fast transmission helps efficient linkage of large files;


Admin Portal

Support limit transfer file format(black/white list);

Support file filtering function, automatically filter specific file type/size and other sensitive files;

Support to use transfer log and operation log to trace the file outgoing/collect records of all file contents;

Support setting user permissions, monitor file upload, download, access, synchronization, sharing and other operations;

Support to set video file watermark, increase file copyright protection.