The secure, fast and reliable way to send large files

Up to 100x faster than FTP/HTTP
Long-distance data migration/archiving
Petabyte-scale & billion files supported
On-premises & public cloud deployment
isoISO27001 Certification
iabmMember of iabm
dppMember of DPP
smpteMember of SMPTE
nsccBest Virtualisation Support Award at the Data Mover Challenge 2021

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Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solution provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of high-speed large data transfers with high security regardless of file size, distance or network conditions, providing enterprises with fast, safe, stable, cost-efficient, and convenient large file transfer services.

Raysync high-speed large file transfer solution provides

Large File Transfer

  • Guarantee file delivery with checkpoint resume
  • AES-256 encryption and TLS encryption
  • Up to 100 times faster than standard methods

Raysync SMB

  • High-speed large file transfer solution for small &
  • medium business. Support UDP high-speed transfer,
  • P2P transfer and file auto-sync, only $699/year.

SDK Application Integration

  • Seamless SDK integration
  • Easy to use by other developers

Raysync high-speed large file transfer solution can be used for


Large File Transfer

Billion Files Transfer

Worldwide Transfer


File Sharing

File Online Preview

Concurrent Transmission

Data Backup

P2P Accelerated Transfer

Data Migration


Why Raysync Is

Right for Your


Traditional file transfer methods (such as FTP and HTTP) are easily affected by data size, transfer distance, and network conditions. The  high-speed transfer protocol  independently developed by Raysync can make full use of network bandwidth resources and increasethe transfer speed by 100 times, enabling the safe and fast transfer of files to any place.

High-speed Transfer

The transfer speed of the Raysync protocol is 100 times faster than that of FTP/HTTP, and thousands of files could be transferred simultaneously.
The bandwidth utilization is as high as 96%, effectively reducing the impact of network delay and packet loss.

Security & Stability

Adopt AES-256 bank-standard encryption technology and TLS data transmission encryption, support the breakpoint resume, retransmission, and multiple file verification (Hash, Rsync check), to ensure the integrity of data transfer.

Easy to Use

Support upload and download of local and server storage, peer-to-peer transfer, unidirectional and bidirectional sync transfer, and other functions.

Multi-OS Supported

Client supports Windows/Linux/MacOS/iOS/Android/H5.

Simple Deployment

Support cross-platform (Windows/Linux/AIX) deployment, and support virtual machine deployment/high availability deployment/container deployment, which can be completed with few steps.

Easy Integration

Provide SDK, HTTP API, command line, network proxy and other integration methods to quickly and seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise systems.


Studio 51

Raysync is TPN certified, and you have a vast number of functionalities which is always great. We have a lot of data being transferred between our teams in India and China - for this, we needed a stable service that works seamlessly in both locations. When we tried Raysync, it just worked. The software is light and has all the features we need. We needed quick, efficient solutions and you guys checked all the boxes!

— —Mr. Varun Hadkar

Studio Head of Studio 51


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Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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