Today, the IT industry has stepped into a whole new world. However, it also faces new challenges, such as how to compress the time of data sharing, how to achieve fast file flow and achieve cross-department/cross-regional cooperation, and how to effectively integrate IT infrastructure in enterprise business.



  • Inefficient File Transfer
    Inefficient File Transfer

    Limited by the office mode, departments are independent of each other, thus resulting in untimely file sharing and transfer. More than that, due to the long distance between the headquarter and the branches, the network environment has resulted in a low efficiency in file transfer.

  • Data Migration
    Data Migration

    For large IT companies, the real time backup and sync of business files has become increasingly important. Raysync helps to back up business files in time.

  • Slow Cloud Deployment
    Slow Cloud Deployment

    Nowadays, it has become an irresistible trend to deploy enterprise files in the cloud. However, limited by a slow transfer between the local and the cloud network, the deployment of files in the cloud is a nuisance for enterprises.

  • Insufficient Protection for file Security
    Insufficient Protection for file Security

    File security is one of the core tasks for IT enterprises. Now, it has become the top priority for IT enterprises to protect the security of plenty of design source files, product demand information, technical file and marketing information.


Raysync can rapidly build up transfer channels for enterprises to achieve accelerated cross-departmental file transfer. Besides, role permission settings can help to achieve centralized management of enterprise files and a sedimentary accretion of knowledge, so as to maximize the value of files. In addition, SE-256 encryption, TLS encryption and vulnerability scanning ensure high security and stability of files and prevent system-induced user file loss.

Why Choose Raysync

Speedy Transfer

With the help of Raysync transfer technology, the platform can easily achieve a high-speed transfer of super-large files and a massive small files. Break-point resumes, multiple checks and an automatic repeat mechanism ensure a high-speed and high-quality transfer.

Guarantee of Stability

Raysync ensures integrity and stability. With stable products, combining integrity-checking technology and self-checking re-transfer technology, research files can be reliably transferred to designated points.

Permission Management

By precisely setting the operating permission, employees are given corresponding permissions. In this way, proper materials are made available to proper persons.

File Security

The file is encrypted by TLS in the whole process, thus the security of the production file is securely protected.Raysync also supports the self-defined setting of use times, and hours of use, which ensures the security of shared files.


Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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