Solutions for IT Industry

Solutions for IT Industry

With the advances of science and technology, cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and information technology have also gained rapid development. Today, IT industry has stepped into a whole new world. However, it also faces new challenges, such as how to compress the time of information sharing, how to achieve fast data flow and achieve cross-department/ cross-regional cooperation, and how to effectively integrate IT infrastructure in enterprise business.

Industrial Pain-points

Inefficient Data Transmission in Enterprises

Limited by the original office mode, departments are independent of each other, thus resulting in the untimely data sharing and transfer and a high communication cost. More than that, due to a long distance between the headquarter and the branches, network environment has resulted in a low efficiency in data transfer.

Safeguard for Data Migration and Data Backup in Data Center

For large IT companies, the backup of business data has become increasingly important. Raysync helps to back up business data in time.

Slow Deployment of Enterprise Data in the Cloud

Today, it has become an irresistible trend to deploy enterprise data in the cloud. However, limited by a slow transmission between the local network and cloud network, the deployment of data in the cloud has often troubled enterprises.

Insufficient Protection for Data Security

Data security is one of the core tasks for IT enterprises. Now, it has become the top priority for IT enterprises to protect the security of plenty of design source files, product demand information, technical data and marketing information.


Raysync, based on the organizational structure of enterprise, can rapidly build up transmission channels, and open up the information sharing channels, thus achieving the accelerated cross-departmental data transfer. Besides, staff permission is set, which helps to achieve a centralized management of enterprise files and a sedimentary accretion of knowledge, and to maximize the value of data. In addition, SE-256 encryption, SSL encryption and vulnerability scanning ensure a high security and stability of data and prevent system-induced user data loss.

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Speedy Transfer

With the help of Raysync transmission technology, the platform can easily achieve a high-speed transfer of super large files and a mass of small files. Breakpoint resume, multiple check and automatic repeat mechanism ensure a high speed and a high quality of transfer.

Guarantee of Stability

Raysync ensures the integrity and stability. With stable products, combining integrity checking technology and self-checking retransmission technology, research data can be reliably transferred to designated points.

Permission Management

By precisely setting the operating permission, employees are given corresponding permissions. In this way, proper materials are made available to proper persons.

Data Security

Data transmission is encrypted by SSL in the whole process, thus the security of production data is securely protected.Raysync also supports the self-defined setting of use times, useful life and hours of use, which ensures the security of outgoing materials.

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