As media production technology continues to grow, 4K and 8K resolutions have been widely adopted by media companies, resulting in large amounts of media assets that require efficient transfer, sharing, and management. Raysync offers high-speed data transfer and file synchronization solutions that significantly enhance efficiency throughout the industry.



High-quality large video and media file transfer are key factors for enterprises to accelerate project collaboration and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Low Transfer Efficiency
    Low Transfer Efficiency

    With the popularity of high-definition 4K and 8K resolutions, the size of files continues to grow. This presents a technical challenge for achieving high-speed data transfers for media and post-production projects, where file sizes range from tens of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes.

  • Frequent File Transfers
    Frequent File Transfers

    Media production involves numerous processes such as shooting, editing, compositing, visual effects, and rendering. It also requires collaboration among multiple departments for content editing. The frequent movement of media files across these various stages can impact overall efficiency.

  • Inefficient Remote Transfer
    Inefficient Remote Transfer

    The collection and transfer of media assets across regions and countries is a prominent trend in media production. Ensuring timely transfer of shooting materials to production centers has become a challenging issue for film and television companies.

  • Data Security
    Data Security

    Data security is important for every organization, and in the media industry, safeguarding the confidentiality of production assets is vital as it directly impacts copyright protection and future market success.


Raysync provides efficient file transfer and synchronization solutions, overcoming challenges such as latency and data loss that are often encountered when using TCP tools. Its advanced transfer engine ensures high-speed performance regardless of network conditions. Moreover, Raysync can seamlessly integrate into existing IT systems with its SDK and API solutions.

Why Choose Raysync

High-speed Large File Transfer

With its proprietary transfer engine, Raysync enables effortlessly handling files in the terabyte range. It also provides efficient support for transferring millions of small files, utilizing features such as resume from break-point, multiple verification, and automatic re-transfer to ensure both speed and quality in the transfer process.

Easy Usage

Raysync offers support for SDK integration, allowing for quick deployment into existing systems. The system utilizes a user-friendly web-based interface, making it easy to use. With comprehensive document management and permission settings, it effectively enhances collaboration efficiency across multiple departments.

Efficient Remote Transfer

Raysync provides efficient remote transfer by offering optimized solutions for latency and packet loss issues that occur during long-distance data transfers. It easily handles long-distance and cross-border data transfer, ensuring fast and complete delivery of media assets.

TPN Verified Security

Data is securely transferred using AES-256 and TSL encryption throughout the entire process, ensuring the integrity of data transfer and eliminating the risk of core file data leakage. Additionally, customizable settings for usage count, expiration date, and time restrictions further enhance the security of information sharing.


Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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