Digital transformation has been accelerated in the financial service industry. To deal with rapidly growing files and to achieve upgrades and transformation on the basis of digitization, financial institutions should explore new forms for deep integration of Internet-based file transmission and the financial industry and should determine how to store, protect and analyze files in a better way.



Today in the financial industry, banks, insurance companies and financial companies are using mobile technology, digitized management technology and cloud technology to simplify operations, reduce costs and respond to customers’ needs. Though the development of big files and advanced analysis techniques can hopefully improve a variety of business fields (such as fraud detection, transaction and consignment sales), the fine big file mode will result in highly-loaded file management and cost structure.

To actively abide by laws and regulations and to cope with the cyber-security threat, it is necessary for financial companies to strengthen file protection, such as access management and disaster recovery, and to effectively organize the safe storage and backup of files.

Why Choose Raysync

Raysync provides patented and complete software products which enable financial institutions to move, share, send and synchronize large files or a mass of files at a maximum speed worldwide.

Stable and Reliable File Transfer

Raysync offers the functions such as breakpoint resume and failure-incurred retransfer. The multiple-check mechanism ensures high security and reliability for file transfer.

Protect the Security of File Transfer

For financial institutions, file and file security is protected by means of SSH authenticated transfer, static file encryption and file integrity verification.

Real-time Tracking and Monitor

Raysync achieves real-time tracking and monitoring, takes centralized control over transfer nodes, and provides comprehensive log tracing and real-time security reports.

High-speed Large File Transfer

Raysync makes the best of bandwidth to provide a faster transfer speed, a speed much higher than that of TCP-based transfer. With Raysync, users no longer need to worry about the distance of transfer or the size of files.


Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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