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What is Raysync?

Raysync is a software-based large file transfer solution provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of high speed large data transfers with high security regardless of file size, distance or network conditions, providing enterprises with fast, safe, stable, cost-efficient, and convenient large file transfer services. Specially for small to medium-sized businesses, the affordable package, Raysync SMB is available and only for $699/year now!

The Main Features of Raysync

Three main features can easily meet your enterprise file transfer needs and improve team process automation and efficiency.

High-speed File Transfer Protocol

Raysync file transfer protocol solves the issue of slow file transfers caused by network impairments such as latency and packet loss.

  • Compared with FTP, the transfer speed can be increased by 100 times.
  • Speed up the transfer of files of any size or type.
  • Intelligently compress files, bandwidth utilization rate reaches more than 96%.
Raysync ClientRaysync ClientRaysync Server

Peer to Peer Transfer

The file is directly transmitted between the two clients without passing through the server.

  • No need to store files to the server during file transfer, saving server space.
  • End-to-end file transfer via user ID and key.
  • End-to-end encryption for your sensitive files.
  • Save your time spent on manual file reception.
Raysync ClientRaysync ClientP2P FileTransfer

File Synchronization

According to the user's preset, the transferring task is executed periodically.

  • Support bi-directional sync and set sync schedule intelligently.
  • Customize the synchronization time and automatically upload, download and update.

Raysync VS FTP For Large File Transfer

Raysync large file transfer solution is the perfect alternative to FTP. Transfer speed is increased by hundreds of times compared with FTP, maximizing available bandwidth.

Why Choose Raysync SMB

A secure, fast, and reliable large file transfer solution that only costs $699/year.


Network Bandwidth Utilization


Software Purchase Cost


File Transfer Efficiency

Unlimited Transfer Volume

You can download data without file size limitation under 1GB bandwidth.

Faster Transfer

With the patented file acceleration technology, Sending files of any size or format at the highest speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP.

Stability & Reliability

Adopt checkpoint resume, retransfer, intelligent synchronization, and other mechanisms to ensure the reliability and stability of file transfer.

Secure Encrypted

AES-256+SSL encryption,enterprise-level security to protect your files during transfer.

Multiple Transfer Methods

Support massive small files transfer and transfer of millions of files in a folder at high speed, regardless of packet loss.

File Collaboration

File sharing, sending and receiving large files through a link with your organization and partners.

What's Our Core Technology?

Raysync High-speed File Transfer Protocol

The Raysync high-speed transfer protocol is a core technology created by Raysync based on the UDP protocol, which can overcome the limitations of traditional networks and hardware, the bandwidth utilization rate is more than 96%, and the transfer speed is 100 times faster than FTP. It can easily meet the transfer requirements of TB-level large files and massive small files.

Intelligent CompressionTransport Layer UDPTransport Layer UDPLink LayerLink LayerUDP TransmissionConnection ManagementSending WindowReceiving WindowCongestion ControlPacketAcknowledgementUser SpaceKernel SpaceRaysync ModularArchitectureRaysync ServersyscallsyscallResend Lost Packet

What Our Beloved Clients Are Saying

We love Raysync, it’s so good, and it's so fast. We have finding over internet some software to improve our FTP client to send you some data for our client, and we tested Raysync and it was very good.

Mario de Oliveira
Chief Manager

Raysync is really easy and we did like it very much. Maybe because it's easy and it's obviously planned and developed with really experienced people they know what they're doing.

Hasan Köroğlu

Enjoy the fast and secure file transfer experience with Raysync now!

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