Raysync High-speed File Transfer Solutions

Raysync Large File Transfer
Fast File Transfer Solutions with Reliability and Security

Raysync moves your large files at maximum speed with minimal packet loss

Why Raysync?

Raysync is a professional provider for large file transfer service and the leading enterprise to provide commercial high-performance file transfer solutions. Raysync’s solutions are useful when there is a critical need to send large files with security, reliability, and efficiency.






Raysync provides easy-to-use file transfer systems, including large file transfer, SDK application integration, Proxy acceleration, FTP acceleration, and RaySSH acceleration. It focuses on helping organizations of all size transfer and secures their file transmission with automated file transfer software.

Raysync MFT

Enables enterprise users to: Efficient and controllable large file transfers | Accelerated long-distance transfers | Transnational network data transfers | Accelerated data transfers from intrernal and external | Secure outbound file asset | File and organization authority management

SDK Application Integration

Support SDK seamless integration with: Majoy application systems | Web applications | Browser plug-ins | PC terminals | Mobile terminals | Local systems | Data transfer via the three-party cloud platform

Proxy Acceleration

It facilitates enterprises' own systems to accelerate during transmission. Through the standard Proxy protocol, the original application system of each enterprise requires no redevelopment but is able to be integrated with high-speed transmission capacity, which saves development time and reduces labor costs.

FTP Acceleration

Raysync FTP acceleration is a product specially developed for enterprise users to replace the existing FTP software. It can transfer files at a high speed on the base of existing structure. Raysync FTP improves transmission speed by 10 to 100 times.

RaySSH Acceleration

The RaySSH acceleration tool integrates functions of Raysync protocol and perfectly replaces tools of openSSH, including ssh/sshd/scp/rsync. It is an efficient transmission tool exclusively for Linux/ Unix systems.


Raysync provides independent, controllable, secure, and private multi-industry file transfer solutions, helps to accelerate large file transfer, and improve work efficiency. It's never been so easier to move files inside and outside your organization than with Raysync.

Application scenarios Industrial solutions
Data collaborationData distributionData migrationData synchronizationOversized file transmissionMass data transmissionTransnational data

Data collaboration solution

Raysync file transfer system supports data transfer interactions among departments and teams. Files can be shared and distributed quickly, and remote data collaboration is supported as well.

  1. A lightweight web interface
  2. Quick access and share files
  3. Transfer large files at maximum speed
  4. Full data encryption protection

Who We Work With

Raysync is dedicated to creating automatic file transfer software that helps organizations improve their business’s productivity.

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