Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Today when Industry 4.0 represents the general trend, data and information transmission management has become an important factor for the manufacturing industry, the industry featuring a long chain and high concentration and complexity, to improve the production efficiency. This industry is made up by a variety of links including R&D, design, purchase, production, inventory, sales and after-sale service, all of which involve information transmission, information security and maintenance management demands.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturing Industry

Generally, in the manufacturing industry, data is transferred based on the traditional FTP. However, this kind of data transfer tool can fully meet the demand, thus resulting in the increase of cost and the reduction of productivity. As a result, it has become a real challenge to efficiently and securely move and share the mass digital information generated by these techniques.

1) Mass Data

In the manufacturing industry, a huge amount of data is produced in the production and operation process. However, manufacturing enterprises fail to manage these data effectively, thus causing the management cost to rise significantly and losing the chance to explore the potential value of most data.

2) Complicated Business Process

The manufacturing industry features complicated production procedures. Enterprises often feel at a loss as to how to build the process that fits business scenarios, so they can hardly achieve normalized standard production, much less engage in compliance management.

3) Negligence in Carrying Out Security Management

In the manufacturing industry, the daily operation involves a huge amount of R&D data and technical files, and even the production data. However, manufacturing enterprises are neglectful in properly managing and protecting such core data, thus resulting in the disclosure and even theft of trade secrets.

4) Inefficient Repetitive Work

In the manufacturing industry, employees often work in a mechanical and repetitive manner, thus resulting in a low efficiency which directly affects the efficiency and cost of operation.


Raysync transmission system provides complete permission settings for different project teams and for members of the same team, in order to make the permissions for data edit, data uploading and data downloading controllable. Based on the high-speed transmission engine, Raysync can effectively cope with the high-speed flow of big data, rapidly get integrated in the existing systems of enterprise by combining its business process, reduce development cost, and improve the efficiency of system running. The powerful automatic synchronization function can effectively reduce the update and synchronization of repetitive data. The e-bank-grade security guarantee offers steady and firm protection to enterprise data.

Speedy Transfer of Large Files & Mass Small Files

With the help of Raysync transmission technology, the platform supports the transfer of super large files, and can easily achieve a high-speed transfer of files of TB scale. It also provides support for the efficient transfer of millions of small files. In addition, the breakpoint resume, multiple check and automatic retransmission ensure a high speed and a high quality of transfer.

SSL-based Encrypted and Encrypted Outgoing

The transmission process is encrypted by SSL, so the security of production data can be securely protected. It is no longer necessary to worry about that product R&D data and design information are maliciously intercepted or stolen by any third party in the process of transfer. Raysync also supports the self-defined setting of use times, useful life and hours of use, which ensures the security of outgoing materials.

Centralized Data Storage and Management

With the content management system, more data can be stored and managed in a unified way. The management of mass business data, production data and operation data are no longer a problem that perplexes enterprises. Based on the actual business scenarios, enterprises’ business process is established and optimized, and the mode for normalized compliance production is formed in a standard way.

Sedimentation of Core Enterprise Assets

By integrating the system into the existing applications in enterprise, a complete data source is built for the use of knowledge, and non-structured data and structured data are stored and managed in a centralized way and are controlled in a compliant and effective manner, which lay a solid foundation for data quantification.

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