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Interview: Raysync delivers efficient file transfers for Metamana Post film and TV post-production

About Metamana Post SL.

Founded in 2023 and based in Madrid, Metamana Post SL. is a company specializing in comprehensive technical management and digital lab services for audiovisual projects. 

Metamana Post operates across all phases of film production, from pre-production to final delivery, with a particular emphasis on providing technical services to both post-production and production companies. This includes managing the storage of shooting files and ensuring file security throughout the entire production process. By doing so, Metamana Post ensures a seamless technical operation for each project, aligning with the dynamic needs of the film industry.


The complex workflow and technical demands of film and television post-production companies are pivotal. Efficient, secure, and timely communication via the Internet among visual effects, color labs, and sound departments is crucial in post-production. From the initial capture of raw materials to the final output, each step is dependent on high-speed and secure data transfer.

High-resolution video content naturally leads to larger file sizes, presenting a significant challenge in terms of efficient and secure file transfer and storage. This challenge is at the forefront for Metamana Post, especially during the post-production phase. 
The company takes on the crucial role of handling the transfer, transcoding, and processing of dailies, necessitating swift uploads of these materials to cloud storage within a 24-hour period post-shooting each day. Additionally, the workflow often requires the prompt transfer of material files from the filming location to various departments such as labs, editing, or visual effects, even amidst ongoing shoots.
Addressing the need for mass data transfers efficiently and securely is paramount. Post-production companies like Metamana Post are tasked with the real-time management of substantial data volumes, where maintaining both the integrity and security of data throughout the entire workflow is essential for success.

Raysync is the best large file transfer solution for post-production companies

Raysync helped Metamana Post SL solve their large file transfer challenges. Before using Raysync, they tried other software like Adobe Frame Io, Filemail, Iconik, and IBM Aspera, etc. But Raysync stood out because it works with any storage system, cloud or physical, making things much easier for Metamana Post.

A.The Best Alternative for FTP

Traditional FTP is slow and often results in corrupted files due to its need for constant back-and-forth communication between sender and receiver. Raysync, using its proprietary UDP network transmission protocol, leads to faster transfers and fewer corrupted files compared to FTP.

In the film and TV industry, where productions are valuable intellectual properties, secure data transfer is crucial. Raysync ensures this security through various measures like TLS encryption, AES-256 encryption, and two-factor authentication, safeguarding files against unauthorized access and leaks during transmission.

B.Specialization in Data Backup and Storage

Raysync enables data transfer at full bandwidth, ensuring real-time synchronization and integrity of data across any distance and network condition.

It supports integration with mainstream storage solutions, allowing direct connections to third-party object storage. Raysync is compatible with various storage types including local NAS, NFS, SMB, HDFS, Ceph, and S3, among others. This capability greatly aids in managing multiple production projects and in cost-saving efforts.

From another perspective, Raysync provides a competitive advantage through its cost-effective nature, the adoption of Raysync has substantially decreased the overall expenses for Metamana Post.

C.Easy to Deploy and Operate

Raysync supports SDK integration for rapid deployment into existing systems. Metamana Post employees also said in an interview: The interface is user-friendly and has comprehensive functions, so even beginners can easily get started. 

Raysync also offers robust document management and permission settings, enabling quick adoption and enhancing collaboration efficiency across departments, even for new users.


Raysync offers a comprehensive solution for the media industry, facilitating the high-speed transfer of large files in a cost-effective, secure, and easy-to-integrate manner. Additionally, it provides multi-modal cloud storage capabilities. Raysync ensures the efficiency of post-production companies like Metamana Post, enabling them to maintain secure workflows and content,which directly impacts the quality and marketability of the final movie or television production.

“In many other companies, the focus was on selling the software, and after that, the support or service person was nearly non-existent. So, it is greatly appreciated when you are treated in a more personal manner. All the questions and issues we've had during the initial setup have been resolved very quickly,”said Daniel Alejandro, IT coordinator at Metamana Post.



Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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