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We're pleased to present Raysync v6.3.8.0.. Let's take a look at what updates have been made.

Function 1. Distinguish between General Upload and High Speed Upload

The new version of Raysync distinguishes between General Upload and High Speed Upload (the general upload is to upload through the web page). Two optimization items have been made for web page transfer. First, users can directly drag files (folders) from the local file manager to the web page for uploading, which greatly facilitates the user's operating habits; Second, the downloaded files will be automatically saved in zip format. High speed upload refers to the use of Raysync client for transfer, and its performance and speed will be better than general upload.


Function 2. Support antivirus after uploading files

During network data transfer, some virus files are often mixed in archive files, but it does not mean virus free. In the new version of Raysync, we have added the Antivirus function. Raysync mainly uses ClamAV (Clam AntiVirus) virus scanning tool to scan the uploaded files and will move the infected files to Isolation Zone.

1) Administrator enable the Antivirus setting in the Admin Portal

high speed transfer

2) Enter the clamdscan directory of the deployment server and execute to update the virus database. After the update is complete, the files uploaded via the Raysync Client will be checked by the server for virus scanning.

high speed transfer solution

3) When the uploaded files are scanned for viruses, the infected files are moved to Isolation Zone.

file transfer

Function 3. Delete and Recover deleted files from recycle bin

The new version optimizes the recycle bin functions. For files in recycle bin, the Administrator can view, delete and restore.

sharing big files

Function 4. New functions for Sync Tasks

1) Support sync by week. You can specify a certain time period every week to perform sync transfer tasks. The sync frequency is more flexible now.

upload big files

2) Rename files is supported. When a file with the same name already exists in the target path, transferring the file with the same name will be renamed to avoid overwriting the target file directly.

upload large files

3) Overwrite when source is newer. When a file with the same name already exists in the target path, if the file with the same name is transferred again, the modification time of the source file and the target file will be compared. If the source file is newer, the target file will be overwritten, but if the source file time is older than the target file, it will not be transferred. This ensures that the target path file is the latest file.

large file transfer

Function 5. Add quick selection mount disk when selecting files via Mac client 

The new version of the Mac client supports the quick selection of files on the mount disk. Users can more intuitively select files in the system mount drive for transfer, which improves the ease of use of the client.

big files sharing

Function 6. Add data statistics in the Admin Portal

A statistics module has been added to the Admin Portal, and Administrator can view the statistics of storage, collaborative, and flow more intuitively.


In addition to the above functions, we have also optimized account management, server speed limit, live transfer speed and progress, approval strategy and other functions. If you want to experience it, please contact us.

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