Based on Raysync, Data Enterprises Build a New Ecology of File Delivery

Many times, because of the need of work, enterprises have to send documents to customers/suppliers/partners ... In this process of external communication, how to protect the security of documents, we can build a good enterprise document sending ecology. Let documents, videos, drawings and other data not be illegally opened, disseminated, copied or modified, and supervise and record the document circulation to prevent data leakage.

file delivery

The file distribution solution of Raysync is to build a simple and efficient file controllable and safe distribution system. It is not only a file permission control distribution management platform, but also can meet the complete business process of enterprises, greatly improve the ease of operation and business timeliness, and realize safe and efficient file sending and receiving and collaboration.

Advance planning

  • Support to customize the effective time and access password of outgoing files.

  • Support event notification, and immediately remind the other party to download.

  • Support retrieval path copy access, and extract root files quickly.

  • Support efficient and stable transmission of large data files, and provide stable guarantee for long-distance transmission.

Matter control

  • Support online preview of 48 common document formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, TXT and MVP.

  • Support video files to add custom watermarks and open file copyright protection.

  • AES-256+SSL encryption algorithm is adopted to prevent network attacks during transmission.

  • Support breakpoint retransmission, error retransmission and integrity check, and ensure file integrity 100%.

Follow up afterwards

  • Support file read-only, prohibit downloading and modifying.

  • Support file download notification, and accurately lock download users.

  • Support to modify file download authority and times, limit the first device, and control the expiration time.

  • Form a complete file exchange behavior log, archive it in real time, and query it flexibly anytime and anywhere.

Flexible deployment, high efficiency and low consumption

  • Support privatization deployment without increasing high hardware costs.

  • Support SDK integration, and provide multiple authentication methods to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

  • Support load balancing, up to 100Gbps (single server supports 10Gbps).

  • Point-to-point transmission is supported, and large files are distributed quickly without passing through a transit server.

As for the file outgoing system, professional and technical personnel of Raysync said: "Raysync technology has great potential in helping enterprises realize efficient linkage of files and digitization of file processing. Obviously, customers will benefit from more transparent file interaction, sharing and outgoing, and obtain more accurate, timely and efficient information, thus reducing costs."

Files are sent out safely on Raysync platform, and only the following operations need to be performed:

1. Download Raysync software

2. Log in to the Raysync client

3. Upload/download files

Behind the simple three steps is the powerful R&D strength of Raysync and Raysync technology. The Raysync file security outgoing system integrates many technologies and functions such as transmission encryption, security watermarking, authority control, file tracking, efficient distribution, etc., and is suitable for enterprises such as audio-visual companies, internet enterprises, research institutes and content providers, which have a large number of important files and need to be distributed safely.

The IT landscape is constantly changing, and new technical tools and solutions are introduced every day. Some of them only have relatively minor adjustments to existing businesses, while others may completely change the system ecology of enterprises. As an expert in one-stop file transmission solutions, Raysync provides file delivery solutions for enterprises without high hardware and labor costs. It has good system compatibility, can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems of enterprises, and can be put into use quickly.

The next generation digital transformation process continues to accelerate, and enterprises will meet more challenges in the mixed IT environment with diverse systems and complex data. At present, by choosing the right tools and solutions, enterprises can better protect themselves from the threat of data loss, theft or exposure, and prepare for the ever-changing tomorrow.

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