Why Are Most Cloud File Transfer Services So Slow?


People transfer various files every day. Due to the huge transfer demand, cloud-based file sharing and transfer technology has emerged, which solves the transfer speed problem when sharing large files and transferring large videos. There are many cloud file transfer and sharing services on the market, but various problems often arise during use. This article will explain to you why your cloud file transfers are having various issues and offer three solutions for large file transfers.

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Why Are Most Cloud File Transfer Services So Slow?

At first, we must know that the cloud file transfer services you use are from different cloud services providers, such as AWS of Amazon, and Azure of Microsoft. So when you find your cloud file transfer services are so slow, there are many points you need to pay attention to.

Speed & bandwidth limitation

The first and most important reason is the cloud service provider will limit your cloud transfer service speed. You must pay more to upgrade to their expensive plan. For normal users, it will only provide basic speed, like, around 200kb. Another common reason is some cloud service providers can not make full use of your bandwidth, so even if you have 150Mbps bandwidth, it may still cost you a whole day to transfer a 1Gb package.

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File size

Of course, file size is always a key factor. Some file cloud service providers can handle small files easily, but when files go up to TB-scale or even PB-scale, the transfer speed will become really slow. This is because those cloud service providers do not have high-performance servers to support large file sharing.

Transfer protocol

Many cloud transfer services use the FTP or TCP protocols. This is also the main reason that affects your file transfer speed. FTP also has security problems.

How to Solve Cloud File Transfer Services Slow?


WeTransfer is a web-based cloud file transfer service, users can share files and photos online and even do not need to log in an account, and free version can transfer up to 2GB flies max. There will always be a place and need for WeTransfer when people seeking a cloud file transfer service.

Pros: The most significant advantage is the simplicity of operation. The user just needs to select a file and enter the recipient's email, and the whole process is done. Recipients can download the file via the link in the email. When the recipient downloads the file, a notification is sent to your mailbox. Another advantage of WeTransfer is that it will offer users up to 2GB of free space.

Cons: WeTransfer has good performance when transferring small files. But the transfer speed is slow for files up to GB-scale or more. And the security problem is also worth to pay attention to.


Aspera is a cloud data transfer service provider. It support large data transfer and multi-user collaboration.

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Pros: It has full functions for large data transfer and team collaboration. Users can share and collaborate with a team or people outside the company. This is a great function for any company that needs to share and transfer data with suppliers or other teams.

Cons: Complex deployment is hard for many teams. And there is hard for them to get rapid response from the support team. Also, the price is expensive than other products in the market.


Raysync is a high-speed large file transfer solution provider, which well recognized by customer from media, film & television, biology, and other industry.

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  • Transfer 100x faster than FTP/HTTP
  • Unlimited file size
  • 24/7 IT support
  • Free 100GB Trial
  • On-premises & public cloud deployment


  • English version only
  • More suitable for customers with large file transfer requirements


The cloud file transfer service varies in many aspects. For an enterprise user, there are many things you need to consider. My suggestion is that you can simply divide the question into three parts.

  1. What is the average transfer size for your team? 1GB a day? 100GB a day?
  2. How many staff in your team?
  3. Need transfer across the world and share files with the person in another company?

Now, you may have the answer to what type of cloud file sharing service you need.

FAQs About Cloud File Transfer Services Slow?

Why do file transfers slow down?

It depends on the transfer protocol, file size, and bandwidth utilization of your cloud transfer service provider. A good cloud file sharing service will maximize your bandwidth and transfer files fast and securely.

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Raysync offers high-speed file transfer solutions and free technical support for enterprise users!

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