Raysync won Best Virtualisation Support award at the Data Mover Challenge 2021

Raysync is honored and proud to have participated in the Data Mover Challenge (DMC21) and have won the award, Best Virtualisation Support.


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dmc best virtualisation support

About DMC2021

DMC2021, Data Mover Challenge 2021, is an international competition organized by the National Supercomputing Centre (NSCC).

SCA (SupercomputingAsia) is an annual national conference organized by HPC centers in Australia, Singapore and Japan, and includes a series of prestigious supercomputing events whose main goal is to promote the vitality and relevance of the Asian HPC ecosystem.

The competition focuses on optimizing point-to-point data transfers between sites. This requires participants from around the world to compete by deploying the best software tools on Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs) set up in existing international networks across the globe.

data mover challenge

DMC2021 Jury

The DMC2021 jury consisted of experts and professionals in the field of networking and data transport, including:

  • Andrew Howard, Cloud Systems Manager, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), Australia (Chief Judge)
  • Cees de Laat, Professor, Informatics Institute, Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Eric Pouyoul, Network Engineer, Energy Science Network (ESnet), USA
  • Francis Lee Bu Sung, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  • Lawrence Wong, Emeritus Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
  • Tim Chown, Network Development Manager, Jisc, UK

DMC2021 Winning Team

  • Team MUSASHINO (Japan) --- Most Innovative and Best IPv6 Performance
  • Arcitecta (Australia) --- Most Complete Solution and Best Software Architecture
  • Fast Is Good – Raysync (Malaysia/China) --- Best Virtualisation Support
  • Globus (USA) --- Best Integrated Software Experience
  • Ciena-iCair-UETN (Canada/USA) --- Best Long-Distance Performance AND Overall Winner

DMC2021 raysync

Through fierce competition, Raysync Team, Fast is Good, was awarded Best Virtualisation Support.

As Mr. Andrew Howard, Deputy Director of Cloud Services at National Computing Infrastructure (NCI) Australia and Chief Judge of the DMC21 judging panel said, "The DMC judging committee was presented with an interesting range of participants who each had a unique approach to the challenge. The winning solutions covered the spectrum of network technology and the quality of the entries were highly regarded by the judging panel, with each presenting its own merits in various use cases."

Each outstanding team has more strengths, and this is not only a competition, but also an opportunity for team to team communication and technology to technology to improve each other.

What does Raysync (Fast is Good) do at DMC2021?

In this competition, each top team was required to demonstrate the following capabilities:

  1. Ability to adapt to the system.
  2. Coordinate various data transfer protocols.
  3. Demonstrate data management entities.
  4. Provide security and identity management.
  5. Demonstrate real-time predictive analytics and system monitoring.
  6. Runs on a global R&E network infrastructure to produce real-world data transfer results.

Team Fast is Good has been working together to break through the tough spots with a solution-focused on effectively delivering large data sets through firewalls and impaired networks.

Our solutions including High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, AI storage and enterprise IT solutions, serving research institutes, manufacturing, engineering R&D, oil & gas and creative companies. We provide both cloud and on-premise solutions end-to-end system integration services.

This solution cannot be achieved without our key partner, Robust HPC, a team from Malaysia that specializes in providing high performance solution.

raysync DMC2021

Based on the team's years of deep technology and experience in data transfer, the system is capable of initiating large, reliable bulk data transfers at 62.8 Gbps under 100 Gbps bandwidth.

dmc2021 raysync solution

This award for the Best Virtualisation Support is the best affirmation of Raysync's continuous efforts and transmission solutions. In the future, Raysync will also continue to optimize and come up with better data transmission solutions. Committing to pushing the data transmission technology forward continuously.

About Raysync

Raysync, focusing on big file transmission acceleration and network optimization, uses UDP transfer technology, which is 100 times faster and more stable than traditional large file transfers. With AES-256 and SSL encryption to ensure data is secure and leak-free, Raysync seamlessly integrates with the SDK for ease of use and has established long-term relationships with Huawei, Vivo, Oppo and others, making it a widely recognized and trusted file transfer solution.

Raysync will continue to improve our technology and try our best to promote the development of big data transmission!

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