Free Webinar: How to Speed up Global Transfer for Film Productions

BaM Live

Do you know how to speed up global transfer for film productions? Raysync will give you the answer!

As the enterprise file transfer expert, Raysync will participate in BaM LIVE!, a free webinar held by IABM, on September 22, sharing the file transfer technology with attendees.

  • Theme: How to speed up global transfer for film productions

  • Time: 22nd September, 8:00-8:30 a.m. (BST)

  • Speaker: Ben Cheung, VP of Raysyn

  • Free webinar Link:

With the topic of how to speed up global transfer for film productions, Ben Cheung, the vice president of Raysync, will share the insights on how Raysync helps clients in render farm and post-production industries to achieve efficient and secure transfer and help clients speed up the data transfers up to 100 folds.

If you are interested in the topic, please click here, register and book your free place NOW! After registering, you can participate in our webinar and other hot topic live events for free.

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BaM LIVE! is an online event designed for everyone in Broadcast & Media to interact and build business relationships with fellow participants and learn about the latest key trends and hot topics in the industry from a global range of diverse, expert speakers.

This year, BaM LIVE! will focus on designing data-driven media supply chains. This includes AI and ML technology to create, manage and deliver content, the increasing reliance on data to power media’s digital transformation as well as evidence-driven supply chain management enabling informed decision-making at media organizations with informative and engaging sessions.

Raysync is looking forward to e-meet you at BaM LIVE!

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