[2022] How to Back Up Computer Files?

Why do we need to back up massive computer files?

We need to take into account the possible unexpected situations such as human error, data corruption, Trojan virus and so on. File backed up can effectively ensure that the files can be restored in a timely after being deleted or damaged, without affecting business operations.

back up computer file

Why computer file backup is so important?

1. Prevent computer files from being lost

Although everyone knows the importance of computer files, not everyone can timely and comprehensively back up the massive files in the computer,especially for enterprise. After the project file is updated or modified, multiple versions of the computer file will be generated, and it is useless without all backups. If there is a software that can automatically back up massive computer files in real time, this problem will be easily solved.

2. Hackers or viruses

Once the computer is accessed, there may be a risk of being hacked or intruded by viruses. When hackers delete the data, it is difficult to find the deleted files in a short time or rewrite the file code again, and if after being ransomware, it is almost impossible to decrypt the file. In this case, you only need to re-upload the original backup file to the computer server, and the system can be quickly restored.

back up massive file

3. Enterprise daily disaster recovery backup

Fire, flood, or other types of natural disasters can wipe out massive files on a computer and make recovery nearly impossible. And without multiple backups, simple theft of a hard drive or storage device can easily lead to significant data loss, so file backups are important to every enterprise.

4. Daily archive and review

Massive computer files need to be archived on a daily basis for future review and planning. If the files are only stored on the employee's personal computer, then when the employee leaves, or there are other changes, it is difficult to ensure the integrity of all project files. Therefore, in daily work, companies need to require employees to back up all computer files in a timely manner.

5. Ensure the information synchronization of your team

It is important to keep files and information in sync between teams. If the computer file needs to be updated or modified frequently, or if the project team has many members, the massive computer files must be backed up. Think about it, when a project video has been updated and someone on the team doesn't know about it, it's going to be a hassle. If there is a software that can backup team files in a timely and accurate manner, the communication between massive computer files will become more efficient.

6. Prevent human error

This reason is well understood. Human mis-operation will bring irreparable losses to your company. If you back up your massive computer files regularly, you won't have this problem.

How to backup massive computer files?

1. Traditional backup

Although we have entered the Internet age, the traditional method of backing up massive files is still popular. Mobile hard disk is a very important file backup storage medium. Because mobile hard disk not only has large storage space, but also is easy to carry and not easily damaged, so mobile hard disk has always played a very important role in our office. An external hard drive can provide a convenient, portable repository for all documents, photos, movies, music, and user data.

Pros of hard disk backup:

+ Inexpensive, easy to use, easy to carry.

+ Unlimited types of backup files.

Cons of hard disk backup:

- Limited storage space, hard drives sometimes get damaged.

- The transfer speed is not fast enough when backing up, and it takes a long time to back up large computer files.

2. Use the backup that comes with the computer system

Generally, the current computer system has its own backup and restore function, whether it is win10 or win7, but it needs to be backed up manually. You can also manually store important files on another disk on the computer, so that you can recall important file backups at any time without relying on an external hard drive.


+ You can add the backup and restore points, saving time relatively.


- You can only restore when you can still enter the system. If the computer system crashes, it cannot be restored.

- No real-time synchronization function, you need to manually back up again and again.

- The computer storage space is limited, which is not suitable for backing up massive computer files, such as post-production video files, etc.

3. Cloud storage service

If you need to back up massive computer files, or you need to use team collaboration functions from time to time, it is appropriate to choose a cloud storage backup software provided by a third-party service provider.

back up massive computer files

There are many such cloud file synchronization software now, which provide functions such as real-time synchronization and manual synchronization, and allow you to expand storage space at any time. This is an option that balances scalability and flexibility for people who often need to transfer massive computer files.

Another advantage of these cloud storage service software is that you only need to register an account, and you can access your backup files at any time no matter where you are.


+ Storage space and services can be purchased and customized on demand.

+ Always have access to backup files and accounts.

+ Rich team collaboration features.


- It is not safe to upload confidential files to third-party servers, and you need to carefully identify the appropriate software.

Another option for business data backup

Raysync is a high-speed transfer solution for large files serving the enterprise level. Traditional transfer solutions are limited by file size, transfer speed and are not a superior choice. By combining the best of both TCP and UDP, Raysync achieves 96% bandwidth utilization and 100 times faster transfer speeds compared to traditional transfer methods (such as FTP and HTTP).

transfer massive files

In addition, Raysync also provides complete file backup functions for enterprises, such as: two-way synchronization, one-way synchronization, update synchronization and so on.

Feature of Raysync

+ Provides one-way and two-way backup, and can backup specific folders or skip specific folders.

+ You can set the cycle of backup and synchronization, and automatically backup regularly.

+ Files are not stored on Raysync server, very safe.

+ Antivirus scans when uploading files to keep the entire file safe.

+ Rich team collaboration features, you can invite specific team members to upload files and manage file permissions.

+ File uploads are fast, for enterprises and teams that need to back up massive computer files frequently, it can save a lot of file backup time.


There are many ways to synchronize files, such as traditional mobile hard disk backup, local computer backup, and third-party file transfer and backup services. For teams with massive file transfer needs, the third method is recommended. The cloud space can be expanded at any time according to backup and storage needs, ensuring the integrity of team files. But need to pay attention to identify the security of these software.

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