How to Share and Send Large Files Safely?

file transfer

Security is an essential feature for large file transfer tools. In general, an ideal file transfer solution requires the following security design:

01. Web security design

  • User-side Web Portal and management-side Web Portal support access IP address isolation and port isolation;

  • The administrator can disable the user-side Web Portal or the management-side web portal as required.

  • Support HTTP and HTTPS, the administrator can disable HTTP and only provide HTTPS service;

  • The session valid range is only valid for the currently accessed page, which will completely eliminate CSRF cross-site attack; Before each version is released, the professional web vulnerability scanning tool will be used to scan vulnerabilities and repair the latest released vulnerabilities in time;

  • Https TLS only opens the encryption algorithm suite that is recognized as safe in the industry.

02. Account & Password Protection Security Design

  • Built-in anti-violence cracking mechanism, if the user enters the wrong password five times within 3 minutes, and the account will be automatically locked.

  • Session identification in login is generated by using the interface of OpenSSL high-strength random function RAND_bytes () to prevent random information from being hit by the simulator.

03. Transfer security design

  • In the process of transfer, Raysync carries out Hash verification on the file block and the whole file at the transfer message level to ensure the integrity of the transfer content..

  • TLS 1.3 is used for end-to-end encryption between the Raysync client and the Raysync server to prevent man-in-the-middle attacks in the network.

  • Raysync only needs to expose one port, which can meet all users' access requirement and greatly reduce the risk of firewall port exposure.

Raysync encrypts your transmitted data in multiple dimensions, preventing data loss during transfer, and further ensuring that the data you transmit is rock-solid!

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