How to Transfer Files Securely under the Complicated Network Environment?

The 21st century is an era of rapid development of data and information. Mobile Internet, Internet of Things, social networks, e-commerce and so on have greatly expanded the boundaries and application scope of the Internet. Various data are expanding rapidly, and the whole society has entered the era of big data. However, big data is a double-edged sword. While the country and enterprises vigorously promote the innovative application and benefit of big data, criminals and the "black industry chain" are also stealing and selling information wantonly on the road of data transfer.

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"Streaking" of Core Information in Big Data Environment

Data and information contain the great value, and criminals are pervasive, collecting and selling all kinds of data and information, which leads to the disclosure of personal privacy, enterprise core data, and even state secrets on the Internet.

As the basis of data interaction, data transfer and file transfer are the hardest-hit areas of data leakage. Common data transfer risk sources are as follows:

  1. The safety risk coefficient of the big data transfer process is high;

  2. The management of enterprise data transfer is not strict;

  3. The encryption link is too weak;

  4. The file transfer tool used is unsafe.

Six foundations of file security transfer:

As an excellent service provider of large file transfer, Raysync has provided mature file transfer solutions for 2W+ enterprises in 11 fields, such as finance, internet, life sciences, and film and television production. For the safety management of large file transfer solutions, the following six safety design concepts of file transfer are given:

01 Web Security Design

02 Account & Password Protection Security Design

03 Transmission Security Design

04 Software Installation & Operation Safety Design

05 Behavior Audit

06 Encryption Certificate Life Cycle Management


More details about the large file transfer software, welcome to visit Raysync's official website and get the complete Raysync Safety Technical White Paper.

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