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With the development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the digitization process is accelerating, and huge amounts of big data are surging. In modern enterprises, efficient large file transfer has become an important part of daily work, office documents, emails, pictures, research reports, laws and regulations, all kinds of reports, audio/video information, these unstructured data become the main form of enterprise data.

However, many enterprises are facing all the limitations and troubles of traditional file transfer methods, such as slow transfer speed, lack of security, data loss during transmission, traditional file transfer methods (such as FTP, HTTP) are easily affected by data size, transmission distance and network conditions, and difficult to control. To meet the urgent needs of enterprises in large file transfer, we launched RAMSON - an efficient, reliable, convenient, and secure one-stop enterprise large file transfer solution.

Part 1: Raysync Overview: Who are we?

Raysync - a one-stop large file transfer solution for enterprises. Based on the application of cloud computing, Internet and big data architecture, Raysync's self-developed Raysync ultra-high-speed transfer protocol can easily meet the demand for high-speed transmission of petabyte-level large files and massive small files. As a leading brand of enterprise-level large file transfer, Raysync has provided efficient and secure file distribution, file sharing, data sorting and synchronization, and other file transfer services for 2W+ enterprises in many fields, such as IT and Internet, intelligent manufacturing, biogenetics, film and media, and finance, etc.

Raysync is dedicated to meeting the needs of large data transfer within the enterprise or with external partners, providing efficient and controllable large file transfer, ultra-long distance, cross-border network data transfer, secure external file asset sharing, file management and organizational permission management, to meet the needs of data transfer, synchronization, and collaboration in a variety of enterprise application scenarios, and support Custom Branding, to help enterprises to better manage and track files transfer. For governmental enterprises and corporate customers, Raysync will be your first choice for file transmission.

Part 2: Five major products of Raysync

  1. Large file transfer system

It meets the functions of efficient and controllable large file transfer, internal and external network data exchange, organization, and organizational permission management, etc., and realizes 100% efficient operation of enterprise data transfer management.

  1. SDK integration solution

Seamlessly integrates with major application systems, supporting web applications, browser plug-ins, PC clients, mobile terminals, and data transfer docking between local systems and three-party cloud platforms to meet the needs of various integration scenarios.

  1. Proxy acceleration

Applicable to the enterprise's own system transmission acceleration, the original application system does not need to carry out secondary development, only through the standard Proxy protocol can be integrated with the high-speed transmission capacity of Raysync Transmission, saving development time and labor costs.

  1. File transfer protocol FTP acceleration

Customized specifically for the enterprise development of a complete alternative to the existing file transfer protocol FTP efficient transfer software, can be based on the existing structure to achieve high-speed file transfer, file transfer radium speed protocol can be increased by 10-100 times.

  1. RaySSH Acceleration

RaySSH acceleration tool integrates the function of RaySSH transfer protocol, which is a perfect substitute for openSSH ssh/sshd/scp/rsync tools, and it is a special and efficient transfer tool product for Linux/Unix systems.

Part 3: Product Features

  1. High performance transmission

The Raysync protocol transfer speed 100 times faster than FTP/HTTP, support for enterprise large files, massive small files tens of thousands of concurrent, bandwidth utilization rate of up to 96%, and effectively reduce the impact of network delay, packet loss and other impact.

  1. Financial level security

Raysync adopts AES-256 bank-standard encryption technology and TLS data transmission encryption in the transmission process, supports the standard of National Cryptography, the breakpoint resume, error retransmission, multiple file verification (Hash, Rsync check), also supports encrypted storage for the files stored in the server.

  1.  Stable and efficient data

Support intelligent breakpoint transmission, error retransmission, timely troubleshooting; at the same time - built-in multiple file verification mechanism to protect the normal operation of the whole process of intelligent, stable, and efficient guarantee.

  1. Multi-mode transfer

The transfer mode not only supports uploading and downloading of local and server storage, but also supports peer-to-peer transfer, unidirectional and bidirectional sync transmission and other functions; it also allows you to view the exclusive user space and specific rights management.

  1. Centrally Control

Raysync supports centralized control platform control, providing exclusive user space and specific permission management, which enables real-time monitoring of transmission and traceable transmission logs.

  1. Convenient Deployment & Excellent Compatibility

Raysync supports mainstream operating systems, 1-minute flexible deployment, installation, and use; cross-platform (Windows/Linux/AIX) deployment, while supporting virtual machine deployment/high availability deployment/container deployment.

Part 4: Eight application scenarios

Raysync large file transfer tool provides autonomous, secure, and private data transfer solutions for multiple industries, strengthens enterprise security system, helps customers build information channels and integrate data resources.

Part 5: Our customers' industry distribution

Intelligent manufacturing, biogenetics, media and entertainment, multinational enterprises, supercomputing centers, medical, R&D and design, new energy, government agencies, automotive, IT, and Internet.

 As a leading brand of enterprise-level large file transfer, Raysync has provided high-performance, secure, and stable data transfer services for 2W+ enterprises in IT, finance, film and television, biogenetics, manufacturing, and many other fields.


Part 6: Product Price Program

Final words 

The era of big data has come, big data architecture must break through the traditional centralized shackles, towards the distributed, scalable, and diversified development, data interaction speed must become a key part of the industry to seize the first opportunity. With the basic credo of "Efficient data flow creates value for enterprises", Raysync provides one-stop big data file transfer solution to meet the demand of big data industry for efficient and safe data transfer, and the big data transfer engine is bound to improve the efficiency of enterprises in mining the value behind big data.


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