The Best File Transfer Software in World Cup

The 32 teams in the World Cup in Qatar will bring a long-awaited football feast to the world. The first match of the 2022 World Cup was watched by 67,372 people. FIFA predicts that this World Cup will attract 5 billion viewers around the world, and the total number of viewers is 40% more than the previous one.

large file transfer in world cup

The World Cup is not only a carnival for fans, but also a business event. Under the huge influence of the World Cup, the discussion heat on social media and the news media will rise to a new level. For practitioners in the media industry, it is both an opportunity and a challenge.

With billions of viewers eagerly waiting for live coverage and first-hand information, how to stand out from the crowd of news reports depends on the quality of the reports, and more importantly, the speed of the reports.

The Need of File Transfer in World Cup

It is easy to understand that when the video quality enters the 4K era, it is difficult for people to re-adapt to the 720p quality video. The same is true for sports broadcasts. Faced with the same information, viewers tend to choose to watch the news with the highest quality.

Therefore, it is very important for broadcast media companies to choose a high-speed and secure media file transfer tool.

media file transfer in world cup

What the File Transfer Tool can Do in World Cup?

Well, this is a question worth explaining. Apparently, some people don't realize how much a good large file transfer software can make a difference to their work during World Cup.

The first is the large file transfer speed. There is no doubt that in the face of a large number of high-quality materials, the file size is unimaginable. If the transfer speed of the media file sharing tool lags behind, a series of work such as video editing and publicity cannot be carried out.

The second is the file transfer capability. Many media file sharing tools have file size restrictions or download restrictions. These restrictions are a big problem during media file transfer in World Cup.

There is also worth mentioning the support for teamwork. No news report can be completed alone. Behind this is the joint efforts of the video shooting team, editing team, and marketing team. Media file transfer in world cup needs a software that can meet the requirements of multi-player collaboration and real-time file synchronization.

The Suitable Tool of Media File Sharing in World Cup

Why all broadcaster needs Raysync media file sharing tool in world cup?

1. Admin delivery task

During the World Cup, how did the reporter transfer and synchronize media files to the post-production team in a timely manner? Faced with multiple teams, how does a company synchronize the latest material from different teams?

The Raysync admin delivery task function set the enterprise free from manual media file transfer work, just set a timed task, and the files of each team will be automatically uploaded to the unified storage, realizing the centralized management of team file assets. No more need to manually upload and sync files one by one.

2. Mobile UDP transfer

With the joint help of the Raysync Admin Portal, User Portal, and mobile APP, the video and text materials in the mobile phone can be directly transferred to the computer for storage—that is to say, the media file of the world cup in the mobile phone will be automatically transferred to the computer’s local storage instead of It needs to be uploaded first and then downloaded manually.

Imagine that the video you shot at the World Cup can be seamlessly transferred to your computer storage by using the Raysync peer to peer transfer function, and the post-production team in a remote location can start editing and publishing immediately without waiting for the file to be downloaded -- This is a huge boost in productivity.

In addition, as an enterprise high-speed large file transfer solution verified by TPN, Raysync provides all-around protection for file assets. With a few simple steps can finish the deployment and the enterprise have complete control of its own file.


The 2022 World Cup is the most watched ever, how to transfer and post the sports information, including pics, videos, etc., is a key consideration. If you think Raysync could be a good fit for your organization, schedule a demo or learn more here.

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