In the Internet era, enterprises need to keep an eye on "dynamic" data security



Dynamic data is information that is periodically updated, meaning it changes asynchronously over time as new information becomes available. These data intuitively show the development process and current situation of things, such as site visits, bounce rate, website activity users and daily sales, etc. When we integrate and sort out these data, we will find that these data represent a complete asset and business view of an enterprise. "Dynamic" data is so important that enterprises must pay more attention to their security issues.

The importance of security in file transfer

Some enterprises still transfer their file via the traditional transfer tool, such as mail, FTP, IM and so on. With the surging of the enterprises’ data, the pressure that enterprises facing is increasing rapidly. In the process of data transfer, the poor network and long transfer distance will not only lead to low transfer efficiency but also may cause file transfer security issues. The large file transfer has gradually become the pain point of an enterprise. So, where to find a reliable and high-efficiency transfer software? Raysync Transmission would answer you.


Raysync Transmission protects the enterprises’ data security

Raysync Transmission is a software-based file transfer solution provider, is also the leading enterprise in providing professional and high-performance file transfer service. Its business cover many industries such as IT, film and television, bio-gene, manufacturing, etc.

As a professional software, Raysync Transmission is aimed to provide customers with reliable and safe acceleration and management file transfer service. Raysync fully utilizes the bandwidth to transfer files at maximum speed with minimal latency and packet loss rate, hundreds of times faster than the traditional file transfer methods. It can meet the various file transfer needs of customers.

  • Transfer efficiency and throughput optimization
  • Transfer your file at full line speed
  • Fully utilize the bandwidth, keep minimal packet loss rate regardless transfer distance
  • Bandwidth management
  • Automatically utilize the available bandwidth
  • Distribute bandwidth dynamically in real time
  • Authentication of file sender and receiver in a safe way
  • AES encryption, protect the data security in the process of transferring
  • Extensible management, monitoring and control
  • Check the transfer progress, performance and bandwidth utilization in real time
  • Detailed transfer history and logs

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