How to Maximize Data Value of Oil and Gas Industry?

In recent years, the oil and gas industry has spent vast amounts of money on IT deployment. Relevant sources said that in 2014, the industry spent US$700 million on IT. These investments have promoted the progress of the industry, pushed down the US oil price, and the price advantage has created a lot of opportunities for the US oil and gas industry.

Although big data, cloud computing and Internet data analysis technologies are subverting the traditional oil and gas industry, we also find another challenge that follows: although those advanced technologies provide the industry with more accurate analysis, and more competitive advantages, none of these technologies is independent of Internet.

The oil and gas industry regularly produces a large amount of data, one of which is a large geospatial map used to find oil. Of course, this technology is helpful for data analysis, but there are still challenges in transferring and sharing these data.


As analyzed, there is no doubt that businesses will benefit from easy access to data. However, smelting sites are usually located in remote areas, which depend on satellite connections, and departments are usually located all over the world. Data sharing or transmission may cause data packet loss and latency, which will seriously reduce efficiency.

If an enterprise wants to fully utilize these data resources, it must make sure the process of data exchange efficient, flexible, and accessible. The shorter the process takes, the greater the benefit. When a company is no longer limited by the speed of transmission, they will really benefit from the vast amount of information.

Based on the self-developed transmission technology, Raysync is strived to proving file transfer acceleration service over long distances or cross-border. It supports local deployment and cloud storage service, ensures secure, stable, efficient, and convenient file transmission, maximizes office efficiency and lets enterprises grow faster.


Product Features of Raysync Transmission:

High-speed transfer around the world regardless of file size

  • Quickly share data with colleagues via a link.
  • Multi-workspace settings, orderly classification of documents, independent business development without interference from each other.

Bank standard security protection, data is safe than what you can imagine

  • Bank standard SSL encryption and comprehensive CVE vulnerability scanning ensure the security of data.
  • Administrator can set the detailed operation permissions to ensure the safety of data assets from the process to the permission allocation.

Flexible customization plan, which meets various needs of the enterprise at all stages

  • Different pricing plan, various choice to meet various needs of enterprises
  • Easy to deploy, it only takes 3 easy ways to deploy it on your PC
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