Raysync Calculator Released! Let's Calculate the File Transfer Consuming Together

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To optimize the website interface and meet the users' various needs, Raysync has recently adjusted the application page and added the function named file transfer calculator. Today we will introduce you to this new function and guide you on how to use it.

file transfer ca

Four values to input: From source, To destination, File size, and Bandwith;

The calculation results: the comparison of Raysync and TCP in the aspect of file transfer speed, time-consuming, and bandwidth utilization.


For example, if your need to transfer 100GB files from Hong Kong to Los Angeles under the 200Mbps bandwidth, the calculation result will be shown as follow:

file transfer

You don't need to bother calculating the file transfer consuming any more, what you need is input the essential info, and click to calculate, you'll get the most accurate data. Hurry up to test the Raysync File Transfer calculator.

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