Raysync Co-organized The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Sciences 2022

The Mammoth International Contest on Omics Sciences (MICOS) is a global contest in biology science, held from June 8 to November 4. Raysync is the co-organizer of this contest.

Mammoth International Contest


As an essential method to solve the challenges of data mining in life science research, the convergence of BT and IT (Biotechnology and Information Technology) are pretty important. That's what led MICOS to hold: to build a community of resource sharing, international talent cooperation, and practical application around BT&IT technology, and to provide new perspectives for enriching omics tools and innovation omics research.

Divided into two contest groups, participants from worldwide can choose to join Stereo-seq Cellular Data Analysis Track or Precision Meta-genomics Abundance Calculation Track. BGI Group, the organizer of MICOS, is a cutting-edge technology organization focusing on life sciences. With the mission of "Trans-omics for a better life" and the vision of "To be a world leader in the age of life sciences", it has always been committed to applying cutting-edge multi-omics scientific research results in the fields of medical health, resource conservation, judicial services, etc., using genomics to benefit mankind. Since its establishment in 1999, BGI has made outstanding contributions to the development of genome science in the world.

bgi and raysync

As a co-organizer of this contest and the long-term data transfer partner of BGI Group, Raysync has been helping to connect the data of biological and genetic research institutes, realize the sending and receiving of massive research data, and promote the deeper cooperation between life science research and various industries. With its self-developed high-speed large file transfer protocol, Raysync replaces the traditional FTP/HTTP data transfer protocol, simplifying the migration and archiving of massive data.


The Raysync servers are deployed on the main server and the standby server of the BGI Genomics Data Archive Library. Various research institutes and internal teams realized high-speed data transfer through Raysync Client. Based on AES-256 bank-grade encryption and TLS encrypted transmission technology, the whole process of data sharing and receiving is encrypted to protect the security of scientific data assets.

For more information, please visit the official website.

MICOS: https://micos.cngb.org/en/ BGI Group: https://en.genomics.cn/ Raysync High-speed Large File Transfer Solution: https://www.raysync.io/

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