【Raysync Mobile APP】 Launched New Functions!

Raysync mobile APP launched new functions for a better and faster large file transfer experience.

1. Support UDP High-speed File Transfer in Raysync Mobile APP (Android & IOS)

For faster transfer of phone files to server-configured storage, Raysync APP now supports UDP transfer protocol. Under the same network conditions, the speed of file upload and download has increased a lot.

Users can choose four different modes in Raysync APP:

a.UDP/TCP automatic selection Raysync system can automatically select the transfer mode according to the current network condition, using TCP when the network is stable, and switching to UDP when the network is poor.

b.Only UDP Use only UDP protocol no matter the network condition, which is suitable for the situation where the user's local network is poor.

c.Only TCP Use only TCP protocol no matter the network condition.

d.UDP first, automatically switch to TCP when UDP cannot connect Raysync system will use the UDP protocol first. When the protocol fails, it will automatically switch to the TCP protocol, which is suitable for some network environments that do not support the UDP protocol.

Choose the right mode based on actual needs. Raysync UDP

2. Fast transfer from Phone to Computer

Without the process of uploading file to the storage first and then downloading it on the computer, now user can directly upload the file from the phone to the designated computer, which is faster and more convenient.

Step 1:Add the device ID of the computer Open Point-to-Point Receive on the computer web page and check the device ID

Raysync TCP

Login to Raysync mobile APP and open the Fast Transfer page.

Raysync APP

Click Add a computer device login Raysync

Added successfully.

Raysync PC

Step 2: Select the computer device to receive the file


Step 3: Choose file and start the transfer

Raysync file transfer

Check the transfer list.

Raysync transfer list

Step 4: Check the received file on the computer Click Point-to-Point Task to check the task, click Open the Folder to check the specific file.

Raysync specific file transfer

Download Raysync APP now to experience the new functions! Free trial contact: support@raysync.io

Raysync android ios

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