Raysync is back with a new feature update, check it out

Raysync has received another round of upgrades and improvements. This update not only improves the stability and performance of the software, but also adds some special features to make your user experience richer and more convenient. Here, let's take a look at the main contents of this update in detail.



Sharing links and inviting links to increase the people in your organization

With this update, sharing links and invitation links can be set up with the people in your organization. And only logged-in Raysync users can access these links, which strengthens the security of the links and gives you more peace of mind when sharing your data.

Sharing downloads to add the function of limiting the number of downloads and sending them at regular intervals

In order to meet the needs of more users, we have added the download limit and timed delivery function. You can set the number of downloads and the timing of sending according to your actual needs, providing more flexibility for your downloading and sharing.

Invitation uploads add function of delete file

Delete button is added to the Invite to Upload function, you can easily delete the uploaded files, which brings more convenience to your file management.

Add third-party authentication - OIDC Authentication

In order to improve the security of the system, we have added a third-party authentication method - OIDC authentication. This authentication method provides a protocol specification for third-party authentication, and third-party authentication can also be understood as single sign-on SSO, i.e., an authentication service and multiple business applications. The user logs in the authentication center, and the business application obtains the user identity information through the authentication center interface, typical scenarios for enterprise internal Web system integration single sign-on. Some common OIDC providers are OKTA, OneLogin, Google, Microsoft Azure Active Directory and so on.

Revamped login and share link interface

In order to make the whole interface more concise and user experience better, we have redesigned and optimized the login interface and shared link interface.

Add user Portal Menu control, support enable or disable main user page and share/invite page

Usage Scenario: The administrator uses the interface to create external links for users, thus prohibiting users from accessing the main user page. Alternatively, access to external links can be disabled, enhancing the security of the links.

Client-side support for uploading to the target preserves the full structure of the source directory

Files uploaded using the client, uploaded to the target, will be in the target and will create the full path of the source file. It can better preserve your file and directory structure and provide more convenience for your data storage and management.

Add the function of notifying administrators of successful and failed transfers

In order to facilitate the administrator to know the transmission status in time, the system notification section adds the function of notifying the administrator of transmission success and failure. Administrators can receive timely notification of transmission status so that possible problems can be handled in a timely manner.

Add select transfer user and select Administrator to receive the notification

To better manage transfer notifications, the function of select transfer user and select Administrator to receive the notification has been added to the transfer notifications. You can set the transfer users and receiving administrators according to your actual needs to make transfer notifications more flexible and efficient.

Client API supports HTTPS

In order to better protect the security of your data, the Client API now supports the HTTPS protocol. Using HTTPS protocol for data transfer can better protect the privacy and integrity of your data and give you more peace of mind when using our software.


All in all, this update brings many useful new features and improvements that enhance system security and user experience. We believe these improvements will bring you more convenience and comfort in using our software. If you have been following our updates and are eager to try out the new features, then upgrade your Raysync now!


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