[2022] The Best Secure File Transfer Solution

As companies move towards digital transformation, the of corporate digital assets is facing more and more severe challenges. How to ensure that data assets, innovative content, and other materials deposited by companies are not leaked intentionally or unintentionally during file transfer has become an urgent need for companies to solve a problem.

best secure file transfer solution

Enterprise file transfer security risks:

  1. File data errors: a large amount of data is not transmitted on time, causing data errors, and manual troubleshooting is too cumbersome.

  2. Loss of hard disk: use the form of sending and receiving hard disk to transfer large files, once the hard disk is lost, the consequences will be disastrous.

  3. Information leakage: too frequent FTP transmission methods cause the firewall to be attacked and cause information leakage.

  4. File loss: mass files cannot be completely transferred at one time, and file loss is prone to occur.

Raysync, an expert in one-stop large file transfer solutions, has become the best choice for 2W+ enterprises with its high-efficiency, safe and reliable characteristics of the file transfer.

Raysync data security protection:

  1. AES-256 financial level encryption strength to protect user data privacy and security.

  2. Added SSL security function for FTP protocol and data channel.

  3. The Raysync transfer protocol only needs to open one UDP port to complete the communication, which is safer than opening a large number of firewall network ports.

  4. Support the configuration of confidential certificates to make service access more secure.

Raysync safety mechanism:

  1. Regularly scan the CVE vulnerability risk database to resolve risky code vulnerabilities.

  2. Use Valgrind/Purify for memory leak investigation during development.

  3. Adopt high-performance SSL VPN encryption to provide multiple scenarios for user access security services.

Raysync account security protection mechanism:

  1. Adopt a two-factor strong authentication system, support USBKey, terminal hardware ID binding, and other password authentication.

  2. The password saved by the user in the data is encrypted based on the AES-256+ random salt high-strength encryption algorithm, even the developer cannot recover the source password through the saved ciphertext.

Raysync uses the self-developed Raysync ultra-high-speed transfer protocol to build the enterprise data transfer highway in the information age, and always puts enterprise data security at the top of development, provides secure file transfer solutions for the development of enterprises, and guarantees the process of data transfer for enterprises security and reliability.

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