What's New in the Premium Plan of Raysync Cloud?


To offer users a friendly-use interface and a better operation experience, we have recently made an update on Raysync Cloud Premium (Plus) plan.

In this article, we will introduce you to the latest update in the Premium (Plus) to help you upload and download files more conveniently.

  • Optimization on the remaining traffic alert of the navigation bar. The remaining traffic within your different pricing plans will be shown in the navigation bar in real-time. The download traffic will be deducted immediately after each download operation finished.


  • Optimization on the interface of upload inviting and download sharing. The two pages are designed with more humanization, and the operation steps are clear at a glance, making downloading and uploading easier than ever.

invite to upload

Download sharing

  • The validity of free traffic of 5GB is extended to three months. You will earn free 5GB download traffic once you finish the verification, the validity of the traffic has been changed to 3 months.

  • Optimization of the Sign Up interface. The phone number has now been modified to be non-required, you could leave blank of the mobile phone number.

sign up interface

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