Mass data transmission

Mass data transmission

Depended on Raysync transmission engine, Raysync provides whole-process technical support to accelerate mass small files transmission for enterprise users. Relying on intelligent compression and small file I/O disk optimization technologies, Raysync can accelerate the transmission by a thousand small files per second, greatly improving the efficiency of mass small files transmission.

Challenges in Traditional Mass Data Transmission

Along with the rapid development of the Internet and digital technology, the IT application of enterprises has made the data grow explosively. More and more information services heavily rely on the collection and application of mass data. However, traditional FTP, network disk and other tools are no longer able to deal with mass data transmission and distribution, which makes many enterprises fail to complete the mass data transmission efficiently.

1) Network disk is a kind of time-consuming tool. Especially for mass data, the user needs to upload data to network disk first and then download it. It takes time to operate network disk by steps. Meanwhile, the network disk is not able to quickly integrate the existing enterprises’ database, which is challenging for redevelopment.

2) FTP transmission has a poor performance when transmitting mass files, including files are often lost, errors are frequently reported, transmission cannot be resumed from a breakpoint. There are defects in file reading, data transmission stability and data integrity, which cannot meet the needs of enterprises.

3) When transmitting super-large files, it is very difficult to move or copy files through FTP and network disks.


In the era of big data, Raysync provides ultra-fast, powerful and secure transmission solutions to quickly respond to the needs of mass data transmission.

Disk I/O Optimization Technology

Rayfile file engine, a self-developed engine by Raysync, is embedded in Raysync to optimize disk I/O to improve the speed of reading and writing small files. It provides high-speed and stable transmission of massive small files, which can transmit thousands of small files per second.

Accelerated Transmission of Mass Small Files

Over 5,000 small files can be transmitted per second while megabytes-sized files can be transmitted within 5 minutes. Over 20,000 similar files can be transmitted per second, which is 100 times faster than traditional FTP.

Patented Technology

Raysync has patented technology to solve the problems of data distribution and collection, which greatly saves transmission time, and is stable, reliable and easy to operate.

Safe and Reliable Data

Raysync has holistic functions of breakpoint resume transmission, error-incurred retransmission, encrypted transmission to ensure the reliability, stability, security and integrity of file transmission.

Application Scenario

Alternative to Traditional FTP

Mass Data Migration

Mass Data Backup

Mass Data Management

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