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Updated: 2022-11-30 09:16:43

1.1 Create share link

  • Select the file/folder you need to share, support select multiple files/folders to share at the same time.share-en

  • Pop up file/folder sharing settings box You can set whether to allow users to download, whether to set a password, link expiration time and set file aliases, email notifications to partners, download notifications and other functions. Note: There are two ways of email notification: one is administrator notification, which requires the configuration of the system administrator's email. (For details, please refer to "Admin Portal Guide" - User Editing - Security Settings.) The other is user notification, which is configured in the email settings of the personal center. (For the method of configuring email, please refer to "User Guide" - User Center - Email Settings.) The configuration is displayed according to the administrator's configuration. If the administrator notification is set, the email cannot be configured.


  • Click to create the share link, the link access password will be automatically generated.share2-en


1.2 Access the share link

  • Enter the share link address in the browser, enter the password, and click OKshare6-en

  • Enter the file list of shared download links and click the download button to start downloading.share7-en

1.3 Share link management

  • Cancel the share links Select the link that needs to be canceled in the sharing link, click Cancel, and click OK to cancel the sharing.share4-en



  • Turn on the device binding Note: To enable this function, the administrator needs to enable it on the server background. For details, please refer to the setting-sharing link in the "Admin Portal Guide". If the second device accesses the link, it will prompt that the device has been bound.share10-en

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